Oakville Burn Victim I-D’ed

The victim of a Saturday morning van fire near Oakville has been identified as a Burlington man.


48-year old Kurt Downs (of 510 Gunnison Street) was discovered inside the burning vehicle at the 4th Pumping Station campground around 3 am; he was airlifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City.


On Friday, police had charged Downs with Sexual Exploitation of a Child, for allegedly taking sexual pictures of a 13-year old girl. He was arrested, but later posted bond and was released.

3 thoughts on “Oakville Burn Victim I-D’ed

  1. He was only getting oral sex , If Bill CLINTON can get away from it don’t judge KURT as a pervert she wanted to do it . Not like he forced her to have sex he didn’t rape her and he didn’t ejackulate either

    • Bill Clinton at least went for someone of age, making your comparison irrelevant. Also, no where in this article does it say that, making you sound like an accomplice!