Moody’s Removes Burlington from Sewer Bonds Watch List

It’s another small step toward financial stability. Moody’s Investors Service has taken Burlington’s sewer bonds off its negative watch list, although the bonds are still rated A2.

The Council agreed last night to waive the building permit fees for the Bracewell Stadium renovation project. Councilwoman Becky Shockley reminded her colleagues that the special treatment isn’t going un-noticed by Planning & Parks Director Eric Tysland.  To date, the City has waived more than $11,000 in fees.

It’s “Ride Transit Week” in Iowa and Burlington is marking the occasion with free bus rides all day today(Tues).

On another front, local N-double-ACP President Melissa Garth announced that the Burlington observance of “Juneteenth,” will be this Saturday morning, beginning at 10, at Edwin & Gladys White Park on Angular Street.