WB Council Passes Along Higher Utility, Trash, Recycling Rates

The West Burlington City Council last(Weds) night approved rate hikes for water, sewer, garbage and recycling.

Mayor Hans Trousil says the city is simply passing along to residents the increases it’s been assessed and saving for some mandated upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant.   The Council also changed the due date for utility bills from the 15th of the month to the 20th and set a maximum penalty for late payments.

On other fronts, Public Works Director Randy Fry says his staff continues to patch holes in the City’s alleys…and the parking lot will be poured within the next few days for the new Public Works Building on the west end of town.

And it’s far from a “done deal,” but the West Burlington City Council agreed last(Weds) night to seek a state Department of Transportation grant for a new recreational trail along Gear Avenue, from Division to the Highway 34 interchange.   If the funds become available, the trail would be paid for by the City…Great River Medical Center…Southeastern Community College…and, possibly, the Living Well organization.

There’s also talk of building an elevated walkway on Agency, connecting the SCC and GRMC campuses.