Sandbaggers Needed at Burlington Public Works; Volunteer Now!

As the river marches toward a predicted crest of 23.7 feet on Saturday, the City of Burlington is putting out an immediate call for volunteers to fill sandbags.

If you can help, please check in with Tammy Anderson at the Public Works Building at 35-10 Division Street…right behind J-D Byrider on Roosevelt…as soon as possible.
Again, sandbaggers are needed in Burlington. Go to 35-10 Division, just west of Roosevelt.

4 thoughts on “Sandbaggers Needed at Burlington Public Works; Volunteer Now!

  1. The web page is very confusing. Headline is Sandbaggers needed, dated July 1st. Next story, dated July 2nd. Sandbaggers no longer needed as of 3 pm. Radio report this afternoon (approx. 5 pm) saying sandbaggers are needed. What is the situation as of today?

    • What do you want to bet not ONE nigger will volunteer to help out.

    • What an idiotic statement. People like you would be the first ones to complain if they needed a city worker’s help. Whiners and complainers. Either help out or shut up.