Towns Hit Hard by ’08 Flood in Better Shape Now, but Caution Prevails

As the waters of the Mississippi River get higher-and-higher, residents of Gulfport are being urged to pack up their valuables and prepare to leave.

The village was nearly wiped out by the flood of 2008, but Mayor Rich Myers says the levee is better than it was then. Nevertheless, when I stopped to see him last(Weds) night, Myers and his family were boxing their irreplaceables and putting them in their vehicle.

Oakville…in Louisa County…was also transformed into a lake in 2008 and when I caught up with Kirk Siegel last night, a crew was covering Highway 99 with sandbags, to plus the only gap in their levee. There was a rumor that Wapello was cut off, but Siegel says “no” — it’s accessible by using G38.