Local Business News Positive and Negative


Sheila Newman of the Greater Burlington Partnership has been sharing the results of the organization’s annual small business survey.


Speaking before the West Burlington City Council Wednesday night, she mentioned that more-and-more local businesses are seeing customers from farther away.   Another good sign from the survey is that many small businesses are looking to grow.

On the other hand, many area manufacturers need employees with more skills. One area of concern that keeps floating to the top of the list is the deterioration of the local streets and roads.

The 6th annual Greater Burlington Small Business Survey contained answers from 70 local businesses from January through April of this year.

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  1. RJohnson64 | July 19, 2014 at 11:00 am |

    When we continue to give tax breaks to lure business to the area, it should not surprise anyone that we eventually lack money to maintain infrastructure.

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