Burlington Council May Censure Scott for Racial References


The Burlington City Council tonight(Mon) will be asked to censure one of its members, Tim Scott, for comments he made at a meeting two weeks ago, and later, to a Des Moines TV reporter.

Scott says the racial comments he made to the television station were taken out of context and those he made at the recent council meeting didn’t contain any racial references. He told us this(Mon) morning that he plans to set the record straight tonight(Mon). Mayor Shane McCampbell, who pushed the censure resolution, said at last week’s meeting that crime occurs in every community.

The Council will also give second reading to one ordinance that would mandate carrying cases for all BB and other hobby-type firearms in public, and another that would direct landlords to post city-issued rental permits in all individual apartments and rental houses. Today’s(Mon) meeting gets underway at 5:30.

3 Comments on "Burlington Council May Censure Scott for Racial References"

  1. I wonder what side Tim’s supporters would be on if it had been the Mayor who came across a bunch of white kids causing problems and then telling a news reporter that the problem in this town was the white kids? I see plenty of white kids with no respect for authority in this community.

    • Isn’t that the truth. And I wonder how many of these disrespectful and rude white kids are children of the same noisy white adults who are complaining the loudest about “the folks from Chicago”? Of course, as they will quickly tell you, their kids would never do such a thing.

  2. All I got to say is that the people out of Chicago has brought a mentallty to our town that the people of Burlington need not to respect us just like they do in chicago

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