Meth Arrest in Keokuk


A 31-year-old from Keokuk could face 25 years in prison.


Carin Ison of 2298 Carbide Lane was taken into custody on Friday by the Lee County Narcotics Task Force on felony drug charges. Ison was charged with Manufacture of Meth in Excess of 5 Grams. During the investigation a search warrant was executed and items supporting the charges were located.

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Savanna Evans
KBUR News Reporter

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  1. Travis Archivist Berg | July 21, 2014 at 11:40 pm |

    meth in Keokuk, Iowa? Surely you jest

  2. at least they do something about it there here in Burlington you report someone you know is cooking it and where and they don’t even investagate it at all

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