Tie vote to censure Tim Scott


The Burlington City Council came to a tie vote last night on a proposal to censure member Tim Scott.

Scott apologized to Councilwoman Anderson, who he had hit with a pile of papers two weeks ago. He also apologized to the black community, for comments he made at that same meeting and two days later to a Des Moines TV reporter, and to transplanted Chicagoans, for calling them part of the problem with local crime…

Scott says it’s been his intention all along to apologize…..

Many in the standing-room-only crowd last night were there to comment on Scott’s behavior, including Debbie Smith of West Burlington, a Chicago transplant, who said you have to give respect to get it…..

Bob Noll, another former Chicagoan, said he didn’t know why anyone was insulted by Scott’s comments…..

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2 Comments on "Tie vote to censure Tim Scott"

  1. Dear Burlington City Council,

    attended Monday night’s City Council meeting. I came in particular to
    see if the “Resolution to Censure” would actually be addressed. It was
    and, it was even brought to a vote.

    was absolutely nothing respectable about the way the action to censure
    Councilman Tim Scott was handled. Everything that came out of the
    meeting could have been accomplished without any act of censure. In
    fact, former Mayor John Sandell, pointed this out during his public

    my perspective, the resolution was nothing more than a venue to
    publicly humiliate an individual member of the City Council. It was
    showboating merely designed to make a few feel better on a level I could
    never relate to in group setting or on an individual basis. The means
    in which this resolution was added to the agenda was illegal and clearly
    the four other council members snaked around to make the resolution
    possible. There is nothing respectable about that either; especially
    considering the twisted logic used in making a point of what is regarded
    as “fundamentally wrong” or “counterproductive”.

    for Tim Scott’s comments which were accused of being racially
    insensitive; I believe that his apology was sincere and the people who
    were offended seemed to be gracious in their forgiveness. This is an
    important point to make because I don’t believe a single attendee would
    have fit the description Tim gave at the prior meeting. Not one of
    them; even if every said offended person in attendance were from a
    Chicago neighborhood. So with that in mind, I’d also like to point out
    that at NO time, did Tim single out an individual during his “rant” as
    did the City Council during Monday night’s meeting. He stated a clear
    demographic that exists in Burlington and we ALL knew it.

    like you to take a hard, honest look at what you orchestrated Monday
    night. Are you really proud of yourselves? I’m not; nor are many
    residents of Burlington. It was shameful and in the end, you STILL have
    not addressed the issue of crime with either a plan or corrective

    did, however, manage to pull off a disgraceful example of browbeating a
    single individual for voicing what the community is so sorely aware is

    • Seriously, go away already Lisa. You have room to talk about browbeating? You got what you wanted. He apologized. They didn’t decide on a censure before they got there, that would have been illegal, they decided to vote on a censure, not illegal. Crime was addressed a few weeks ago, it caused this mess, and people like you won’t allow the council to do their job and move on. If they bring it up during a meeting, what is it going to accomplish? Especially without having time to devise a plan. Really, just stop. You aren’t garnering a huge following of citizens, you’re irritating the hell out us. Stop thinking that yelling and complaining is going to fix anything.

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