Citizens Against Crime Plans Next Step

They didn’t have the turn out they had a couple weeks ago for their first Crime Prevention meeting, but 10 very concerned citizens attended a planning meeting last night at the Heritage Free Methodist Church in Burlington for the group that is now called “Citizens Against Crime”.


The group’s main focus is to bring the community together and implement ideas that will help curb crime in certain areas of town. John Horton spoke at the beginning of last night’s meeting about the need for diversity within the Citizens Against Crime group…

Many assumptions have been that the crime is only going on in the Maple Street area, but according to recent police reports, that’s not the case. Burlington resident Mike Westfall stated that we can’t just focus on one area of Burlington anymore…

Five different teams, each with their own purpose, were created at last night’s meeting. The Citizens Against Crime group believes it’s a good place to start, they just need the participation from the community. Some ideas thrown around last night to create their presence included block parties and getting church groups involved.

If you would like to get involved you can find the group on Facebook by typing in “Lets Take Burlington Iowa Back”.