Child Care Employee in Jail for Child Endangerment


An employee at Little Angels Child Care in Burlington was taken to jail today after detectives obtained a warrant for an incident that took place July 10th.

According to a press release from the Burlington Police Department, 26-year-old Adrianne Raker of West Burlington has been accused of leaving bruises and finger imprints on a child after the child refused to take a nap. The parents were notified as soon as other daycare employees saw the marks. The marks on the child lasted for a least 10 days.

During an interview with detectives, Raker claimed to have bear hugged the child in an effort to calm him/her down.

Raker is being held in the Des Moines County Jail with a bond of $2,000. She has been charged with Child Endangerment.

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8 Comments on "Child Care Employee in Jail for Child Endangerment"

  1. ONLY $2000 SMH

  2. I’m surprised she is the only one who got caught. I used to work there, there is so much that goes on in that facility. Most of them just over look it. Most of the workers are rough with those kids.

    • Sharon Lefstein Yaley | August 1, 2014 at 5:36 pm |

      That’s horrible. Drop your kids off & you think they’d be safe. What bullshit!

  3. Adrianne is fat and miserable

  4. thecryptowizard | August 1, 2014 at 3:56 pm |

    I hope the anonymous person who said they used to work there and witnessed similar “abuses” did more than comment about it online and actually took the time to report it. And I hope the anonymous person who made the person comments grows up some day.

  5. I’m sure it was adrianne herself who made that comment about “similar” abuse I worked at little angels about 9-10 months ago. I was put in a room with Adrianne she is very controlling and a harsh person with no soul. She’s lazy and would sit on her ass all day being racist. Making jokes about the “colored kids from Chicago” she would antagonize the children. She would make them cry on purpose and then laugh about it. Everyone in the center, literally EVERYONE complained about her. Nothing was done I never saw anyone else treat the kids bad in anyway. The staff there was amazing (Not to sure about any new staff) and the owner, Wendy is such a sweet amazing lady! I saw this coming with adrianne she was so rough with kids I hope she does time for this.

  6. Adrianne Taylor | August 2, 2014 at 11:14 am |

    I d like to know who you are Anonymous. I have known Adrianne for 20 years, she is not this person. Yes she is opinionated, and i would be the first to admit i rarely agree with her. She is not an easy to person to get along with.But i would leave my children with her no questions asked. I absolutely do not believe this. Ive heard her speak of her job and she LOVES the kids she works with.She talkes about them like a mother would, and it is horrifying that someone has accused her of this. And im sorry but as a mother my child has never had a bruise lasting 10 days and that poor girl is about as klutsy as they come. You would of had to put an extreme amount of pressure to produce bruises for that long and I do not believe for one second that Adrianne is capable of doing that to a child.

  7. I worked at a daycare in Cedar Rapids and saw a worker slap a child on the face. I immediately reported it to the director of the daycare. The woman stayed working there long after I had and nobody ever talked to her (she was one who had a loud mouth, if they had said anything to her I would have known about it) One other worker saw this happen and to my knowledge didn’t report it. This was a “difficult” child but you don’t hit children at a daycare. Shame

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