First Ever Burlington Faith Festival

You’ve probably seen the signs in yards around Burlington lately for the first ever Faith Festival.


For those who don’t know, it’s a 4-day event put on by the Des Moines County Catholic Parishes and will feature guest speakers like Bruce Brockway, who says it won’t feel like a church service, it’s just a chance to meet more people in the community, listen to their stories, and talk about their faith….

Brockway’s 10-year-old son Garrett passed away not too long ago, which was a time when Brockway says his faith was put to the test…

There will be two speakers each night from people in the community. Dana Atkins will also be a quest speaker and gave us a preview of what she’ll be talking about at the Faith Festival…

Other speakers include Dr. Jeff Pence, Rev. Marty Goetz, Steve Vorwerk, Dr. Kimberly Marshall, Rev. Bruce DeRammelaere and Tony Kanaan.

The festival takes place at the band shell in Crapo Park from August 5-8th 6-8pm. On August 9th at 4:30 there will be a mass and a picnic.