Progress Made Since Burlington Crime Meeting

It’s been a few weeks now since Burlington police officers, the mayor, the county attorney and the community all got together to talk about recent crime in the Burlington area.



(Photo from Crime Prevention Meeting)

We thought we would follow up with Burlington’s Police Chief Doug Beaird to see what’s happened since that chat. He said that the new street lights they had installed on south hill made a big difference because things are more visible…

Beaird also mentioned that if the city council decides to approve possible curfew changes, it would be a big help as well…

Currently the curfew for kids on school nights is 11pm. It’s 12:30 for non-school nights and during the summer, which Bearid says compared to other communities, is fairly lenient.

The Burlington Police Department and Crime Stoppers are also trying something new, and that’s the use of social media….

He says the police department is also working on a Facebook page of their own that they hope to launch soon.

Beaird says his officers continue to work overtime on the weekends and he has at least two officers who are responsible for patrolling south hill each night without having to leave the area to respond to service calls.