Keokuk Meth Arrest; 10 Years in Prison

The Lee County Narcotics Task force arrested 26-year-old Morgan Burns of Keokuk yesterday on felony drug charges.


Burns has been charged with with Delivery of Marijuana. If convicted, Burns faces up to 10 years in prison.

3 thoughts on “Keokuk Meth Arrest; 10 Years in Prison

  1. Ok so 10 yrs for Marijuana but what about the methies running around getting arrested for manufacturing in th the presence of a minor and having an excess of 5 grams and shit getting off on 10 yrs of probation fucking get real dude honestly

    • This is really stupid! 10 years for Marijuana. A child rapist or meth heads gets less of a sentence .. . . USA is really screwed up

    • of course get meth off the street and away from our kids.Duh! but big diff between the two