WB Council Likely to Settle Limkemann Suit Tonight


The West Burlington City Council meets tonight(Weds) at 6 o’clock and will go into a closed session mid-meeting.


According to the agenda, when members emerge, they’ll consider approving a settlement agreement with Skylar Limkemann, the young man who wrote the application for a federal FEMA grant for the Fire Department, then sued the City when a councilman publicly questioned some of the information in the application.

5 Comments on "WB Council Likely to Settle Limkemann Suit Tonight"

  1. Skyler has been a dbag all of his life. I grew up with this kid. He was a fat, lazy, spoiled kid growing up and in no way shape or form should wb settle with this turd.

    • Youre an ass. He graduated from law school, what did you do? Also got the city $500k grant. You couldnt hold his jock strap. Ass. Hows McD’s treatin ya?? lol

      • I have a few accomplishments under my belt, don’t really care to share them tho… Doesn’t change the fact that Skylar is a complete tool who sued his hometown (or where he graduated school from). If I remember correctly, there were some questionable things in the letter he wrote in order to “got the city $500k grant” lol… see what I did there.

        • You couldnt compare to what he’s done. Captain of that fire department, while working other jobs and graduated from Iowa Law school. Yes real lazy kid..lol see what I did there…put you in your place. Im sure your accomplishments are vast, so much so that you are afraid to share them, but can trash him. Jealous kid in school were ya? I will take a double cheeseburger with everything. ..thanks!

          • Jealous kid in school? Dude have you met skyler?! Congrats on being a lawyer I get it, cool beans bro. The dude sued wb because Rick Rawley questioned about some of the things in his paper that won the grant for wb. Because that’s what real respectable people do. They file a lawsuit against their hometown. Hey you need some lube or something because you are sucking skyler off like he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

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