Senator Tom Harkin Stopping in Burlington Toady

Senator Tom Harkin is continuing his “legacy” tour today with a stop in Burlington to highlight his work on Community Health Centers.


“It’s something I’ve devoted a lot of my efforts to over the years in my committee — both Health Committee and my appropriations committee — and that’s building more community health centers,” Harkin says. “When I started in 1989 we had two in Iowa. Now we have 14.”

Community Health Centers are non-profit clinics staffed with doctors and nurses who provide primary care to uninsured and under-insured clients. The clinics are largely financed by federal and local governments.

Harkin will speak at the Burlington Community Health Center today (1706 W. Agency Rd.) at 3pm. He will also be back in our area on Thursday to attend the annual picnic for workers at the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant.

(as said) “We have 85 clinics associated with the Community Health Centers in Iowa,” Harkin says, “and they just do a wonderful job of serving people in rural areas and communities around the state of Iowa.” On Tuesday, Harkin received a “lifetime achievement award” from the National Association of Community Health Centers. Harkin is not seeking reelection and his “legacy” tour started in May, with stops at sites connected to work he’s done in congress. Tomorrow (Thursday) Harkin will visit the Lock and Dam on the Mississippi River at Keokuk. Harkin will also be back in Burlington on Thursday to attend the annual picnic for workers at the Iowa Army Ammunition plant. Harkin co-sponsored legislation that provided compensation for workers at the plant who were exposed to radiation and were diagnosed later with cancer. Harkin served 10 years in the U.S. House of Representatives and for the last 30 years he’s been a United States Senator.