City at Crossroads with A-W-R

Nothing’s been decided yet, but at least two members of the Burlington City Council want to sever ties with American Water Resources, the company that mails out offers…containing the city’s logo…to insure residents’ sewer & water lines.

Councilman Bob Fleming says the City shouldn’t be in the endorsement business.  Mayor Shane McCampbell doesn’t want anything to do with the firm, which he says is giving homeowners the wrong message.

American Water Resources gives the City 5% of its premiums and has offered to double that…but Councilwoman Becky Shockley says they’re still making a pretty penny.  City Manager Jim Ferneau…whose name also appears on the mailings…says Burlington’s contract with AWR will automatically be renewed unless the City acts to end it…..

For the record, no one objects to the company doing business; just the idea that the city is somehow endorsing it.

  • B Town

    If the company has history of immoral business practice then the city should not endorse this company. The city is in need of revenue so thinking outside the box is something Burlington should be willing to explore.