Traffic Concerns Near Wever Fertilizer Plant


The Iowa State Patrol conducted a traffic safety project in Lee County on Thursday near Wever on US-61 due to an ongoing concern for motorists because of construction to the fertilizer plant being built.

The Iowa State Patrol and the Lee County Sheriff’s Department received a number of calls from citizens concerned with traffic violations in that particular area.

After conducting this safety project, troopers issued 7 citations and 24 warning for observed traffic violations. Officers say they will continue to make that area a high prioroty thoughout the next several months.

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Savanna Evans
KBUR News Reporter

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  1. This is a surprise! We never saw this coming. I find it difficult to believe that construction traffic would have problems entering and leaving the highway at that point. I sure that the engineers who planned the project and the owner of the company will take care of this immediately.

  2. People should worry more about the impact of the plant,long term not traffic issues.The plant will destroy the land around it and in time the rivers near by.Not to mention the cancer rates will rise because of its operation.Wake up people!!!

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