County Attorney Will Decide Burlington Officer’s Fate Personally

Des Moines County Attorney Amy Beavers said this(Fri) morning that she has spoken to a lawyer for the family of Autumn Steele…and Atty. Adam Klein did not express any concerns about Beavers’ office further investigating the January 6th fatal shooting of the 34-year old Burlington woman by city patrolman Jesse Hill.

Beavers says she does not yet have a transcript of the state Division of Criminal Investigation interview of officer Hill…but she does now have a recording of that interview and she’ll review all the evidence before determining whether any criminal charges against Hill are warranted. She also had the option of asking the Iowa Attorney General’s office to review the case…but Beavers says she’s decided not to do that and will make the decision herself within 30 days.

Hill was the first officer on the scene of what was reported as a domestic disturbance at the Steele’s home at 104 South Garfield. When he arrived, Steele and her husband Gabriel came outside and were arguing when the family dog…a German Shepherd…reportedly lunged at Hill, who shot the animal once and got off a second shot as he slipped on some snow and fell to the ground. The second shot hit Autumn Steele, who died at Great River Medical Center.