Rural DMCo Man Comes Home, Finds Bullet Holes in Wall

Des Moines County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating after a man discovered two bullet holes in his wall just hours after a shots fired complaint on Irish Ridge Road in rural Des Moines County.

At around 7:30 pm on Sunday, sheriff’s deputies first responded to the 16000 block of Irish Ridge to the initial shots fired report, but discovered no evidence of any shooting.

Several hours later, at around 9:00 pm, Jeremy Steiner returned to his home in the 16000 block of Irish Ridge road to find two bullet holes in his wall.

One of the bullets passed through the wall and hit a reclining chair. The other bullet was not found.

Steiner told deputies he had no idea why anybody would want to shoot his house, and had no suspects he could think of.

If you have any information, you can contact the Sheriff’s department at (319) 752-8212.