Mayor Says Cascade Bridge Repair Lower on Priority List

Burlington Mayor Shane McCampbell says that there are a lot of projects to get to before the city can start working to repair and rehabilitate the aging Cascade Bridge into Crapo Park, which has been closed to vehicle traffic for years.

“Cascade Bridge is still at the bottom of my priority list,” said McCampbell, emphasizing he was not speaking for the council as a whole. “Not saying that I don’t give it consideration. Now that I see we’re moving in a good direction, [now that] we’ve got the Burlington Police Facility secured, [and] Burlington Crossing is sold, I think that’s something down the road we can really start to take a look at. I don’t think Burlington is the same without Cascade Bridge.”

McCampbell made those comments on the KBUR Talkshow on Wednesday. The Cascade Bridge, first built in the late 1890’s, was closed after a survey of the bridge showed it was in need of serious repair.

Last year, the city council included it on it’s list of goals and priorities as a “medium priority” concern alongside the redevelopment of dilapidated buildings and increasing law enforcement funding.