Sports for 8-2

The St. Louis Cardinals fell to the Milwaukee Brewers 3-2, keeping the Brewers ahead of the Cards in the NL Central. Cardinals continue their series tonight at 7:10 in a game that can be heard on Newsradio 99.3 and 1490 KBUR. The Chicago Cubs beat Arizona 16-4. Kansas City Royals fell to Baltimore 7-2. Detroit over the Yankees 4-3. Cincinnati Reds over the Pittsburgh Pirates 9-1. Miami Marlins over the Washington Nationals 7-6. Dodgers over the Braves 3-2. Red Sox over the Indians 12-10.

The Burlington Bees downed Beloit to snap their five-game losing streak 7-2. They’ll travel to the Quad Cities tonight in a game that can be heard on Fox Sports 104.5 and 1360.

The Major League Soccer All-Star Game is tonight, the MLS All-Star team will face off against Real Madrid, one of Europe’s most famous and talented teams.