Council to Vote on Street Lights Next Week

The Burlington City Council will vote next week on installing new street lights on Corse Street and the Sunrise West subdivision.

The installations, which would be provided by Alliant Energy, would cost around $9.94 a month for the city each.

Assistant City Manager for Public Works Nick MacGregor cautioned the city against the requests, part of a series of requests made by residents in those areas.

“If you were to approve all of the requests made up to tonight, that would be 11 [requests] in two months,” MacGregor said. “I’m not saying there aren’t lights that need to be installed, but if you continue this on, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in added costs.”

The requests were originally scheduled to appear in the city’s consent agenda–a series of resolutions typically passed in a single motion at the beginning of the meeting that are considered routine. They’ll be moved off of the consent agenda and on to the regular agenda for next weeks meeting.