Tuesday July 24th Ragbrai Update

Pictures from day two of Ragbrai. (Steve Hexom)

Done with another great day on RAGBRAI! 62 miles of mostly flat terrain except for one big hill just before our meeting town of Boone.

I had my breakfast stop in Grand Junction and asked about the town and discovered the National Lincoln Highway Museum off the beaten path and found that the town was the starting point for the first paved coast to coast highway in 1913. Rolled through tiny town of Dana and then to Ogden with thousands of riders before and after me. I estimate at least 10 thousand riders there at the time I was there and took a picture.

Our meeting town of Boone had great entertainment and plenty of space for riders and teams to meet and eat. We did not go through beautiful Ledges State Park as planned because of flooding. But just after Luther the Iowa Craft Beer Festival Tent again had the largest gathering of any stop on the ride where I ran into Jeff Corzatt from Bettendorf who was a bike racer back before the Snake Alley Criterium was in Crapo Park in the 70s and early 80s and knew me even then as the voice of bike racing in Burlington. Tonight in Ames where I am staying across the street from the hosts I had 10 years ago.

Wednesday it is on to Newton 60 miles down the road. Still having fun on my 39th year!

Day 2 of Steve Hexom’s Ragbrai journey starts in Jefferson and ends in Ames, here’s his Tuesday morning report.