New Property Tax Assessments Can Still Be Appealed

If your property tax assessments have gone up recently, you’re not alone. Many throughout Des Moines County have noticed their home’s taxable value skyrocket in the midst of the county’s largest re-evaluation in nearly two decades. Des Moines County Assessor Matt Warner says if you believe your assessment isn’t fair market value, you can still file an appeal.

The window to file an appeal runs April 2nd through the 25th. You have to file with the local assessor’s office first and someone from the office will review the property and discuss the valuation with the homeowner. The assessment can be adjusted during this informal review.

However, if you believe the assessment is still wrong then you can file a formal appeal with the Iowa Property Assessment Appeal board. Formal appeals need to be filed by April 30th. The board will review those cases in May.

By Iowa law tax assessments are required to be “Fair Market Value,” meaning the actual price your house could sell for. If filing an appeal any documentation, such as housing appraisals, or documentation of a recent sale would help to prove your case.