Des Moines County Approves Budget for FY20

The Des Moines County tax levy will go down for FY20, although you’d never know it when you get your tax bill.

The Board of Supervisors approved their FY20 budget on Tuesday, lowering their tax levy by 15 cents to $7.29 for urban residents, and 1 cent to $11.11 for rural residents. Although a slight state rollback increase means you’ll be paying a little bit more than you were.

The state rollback lowers the taxable valuation of your home, this year it’s gone up around 3/10th of a percent. That combined with a 4.5% increase in taxable valuations across Des Moines County will mean an estimated 3.25% increase in revenue for the county.

The budget also included funding around $5.7M worth of road construction, in addition to $4M for the Highway 99 bridge project. Although it was noted that some funded projects may change due to projected record flooding in April.