12 Year Old Boy Calls 911 to Report a False School Shooting

A 12-year-old boy is in custody, facing criminal charges after he allegedly called 9-1-1 on Tuesday claiming there had been a shooting at Sioux City West High School.

Police Lieutenant Chris Groves says they quickly determined it was a prank.  Groves said, “Officers first responded to West High School, found that there was nothing there”…  He went on to say that “through the investigation, we determined that call originated near North Middle School”.

Police checked and found there was also no trouble at North Middle School. The investigation led officers to the boy, whose name was not released. The boy was taken to juvenile detention on a charge of Making a False Police Report, a Serious Misdemeanor. Groves says the call caused many anxious moments for school officials, authorities, parents and students.
He says this is the latest in a series of recent prank calls which all appear to have come from the same source.

Groves states that the same number has made other prank or at least false, fictitious calls into the communications center over the last three weeks and they are investigating to determine whether any other juveniles were involved in the calls.