Fort Madison News Release Regarding Credit Card Skimmers

Ft. Madison released the following announcement on their Facebook page regarding credit card skimmers:

Recently we received a report of a possible credit card skimmer on a gas pump in Fort Madison. Upon investigation it was determined there was no skimmer. There was recently a news story of credit card skimmers in gas pumps in Northeast Missouri very close to Fort Madison.
We want to inform the public of this possibility in our area. Costumers using credit or debit cards getting gas to look for loose credit card slots on the pumps or if after inserting your card it feel like it gets hung up on something and little more pressure is required to get the card out of the machine, also look for mismatched or broken seals on the pumps. Please report any of these observations the store clerks and police, so the pumps can be properly investigated.
We have encountered such devices in the past and they are the result of thousands of compromised ID’s and personal information every year throughout the country. Most of the devices that are placed are done so by members of two main crime syndicates that are located in Texas and on the East coast areas and it is very difficult to make criminal charges. We want to let the community know to be vigilant to these devices so that they can be seized and reduce the number of people that are victimized by these crimes.