New York woman who says she was kidnapped is found in Iowa

STUART, Iowa (AP) — A woman who told police she’d been kidnapped at a Pennsylvania truck stop in July has been found in Iowa.

Authorities say the woman, a resident of Smyrna, New York, called 911 Saturday morning from a convenience store in Stuart. She reported that she’d met a truck driver on a social media site and that he picked her up on or around July 20 in Pennsylvania at the truck stop. She says he assaulted her several times, wouldn’t let her out of the cab or let her contact anyone as they traveled through several states.

On Saturday the woman told officers the driver let her go only after she promised him she wouldn’t call the police. She was taken to Adair County Memorial Hospital for treatment.

He told officers after his arrest that his relationship with the woman was consensual. Iowa court records don’t yet show the man’s been formally charged.