Downtown Burlington seeks USDA grant for interior spaces

Burlington, Ia (The Hawk Eye)-  The Hawk Eye reports that the City of Burlington is planning to make use of unused and under-utilized space, and the effort to breathe life into downtown structures is presently seeking public support.

An effort to create an action plan that, when implemented, will utilize the asset that is downtown Burlington, is moving forward under the working title of “Creative Placemaking.” The key to this effort is obtaining an $80,000 US Department of Agriculture grant that requires a $20,000 matching contribution from local sources.

The grant will fund the creation of a specific action plan by the consulting firm, Placemaking, based upon community visioning and capacity assessments. The plan will address Burlington’s needs and address challenges unique to the community.

The upgrade of commercial Burlington’s interiors will provide the amenities to attract and retain local talent while encouraging businesses to locate or expand in the community — thereby growing the local economy and enhancing the quality of life.

The initial response to the fundraising has been positive, with $15,000 of the $20,000 goal has already pledged.