City Councilman Weighs in on Friends of Cascade

Burlington, Ia-  The Issue of Cascade bridge has been hotly debated in the city of Burlington.  In the wake of this a group is known as the “Friends of Cascade” have formed in an effort to help fix the problem.  Their goal is to raise the $11 thousand needed for a study to be conducted on the bridge in order to evaluate whether the bridge can be repaired, or needs to be demolished.  City Councilman Matt Rinker says the city has no issues with the group’s fundraising as long as the results are presented to the city.  Rinker as a guest on the talk show told KBUR: ” If an engineer comes in and says you do this, you do this, you do this, and the load rating is good and you can drive across it im okay opening it.  I’m gonna need an engineer to tell me that, they’re gonna need look at it and do their due diligence and put their seal of approval on it before I’m gonna be even willing to consider it.”