Laborshed Study To Be Conducted In Burlington/West Burlington

Burlington, Ia-  The Greater Burlington Partnership is partnering with Iowa Workforce Development and Iowa Economic Development Authority to complete a Laborshed employment study for the Burlington/West Burlington area.  This study will geographically define which communities contribute to Burlington/West Burlington’s workforce, regardless of political boundaries. This defined area is called a Laborshed area and is based upon commuting patterns.

The purpose of this Laborshed study is to measure the availability and characteristics of the Burlington/West Burlington area workers.  For the success of this study, The Partnership will be sending letters to employers in Burlington/West Burlington asking to provide aggregate counts of their employees’ residential ZIP codes. This will allow them to determine what the scope and scale of Burlington/West Burlington’s Laborshed area is and better understand where Burlington/West Burlington’s workforce resides.

A confidential survey of residents will also be conducted to collect workforce characteristic information specific to the area.  Residents will receive a letter directing them on how to take the survey online. Survey questions will cover topics such as employment status, current and desired wages, current and desired benefits, education level, and type of occupation among other things. However, these questions will not include identifiable information such as name, social security number, or date of birth.