Illinois Police Remind Residents of Recreational Marijuana Rules

Illinois (KWQC)- Police departments in Illinois are reminding the public of the “do’s and don’ts” of recreational cannabis use ahead of its legalization this coming January.

Officials with the Gurnee Police Department posted a graphic on their Facebook page giving tips and explanations of some of the rules associated with legal cannabis.

For instance, the legal purchasing age, 21, purchase and possession limits and reminders that driving under the influence will result in a DUI and arrest, and to only purchase recreational marijuana from licensed dealers.

Recreational Cannabis use will become legal in Illinois on January 1st.


Starting January 1, 2020:

– No smoking in public places. This includes in bars, restaurants, parks and anywhere you can be seen by others.

– You must be 21 to purchase, possess, or use recreational cannabis.

– Only licensed dispensaries will be allowed to sell cannabis products.

– When transporting cannabis in a vehicle it must be in a sealed, child-resistant container and inaccessible during transport.

Possession/purchase limitations:

– 500 mg of THC edible

– 30 grams of plant material

– 5 grams of cannabis concentrate

Police remind everyone that driving under the influence will result in an arrest.