Child Care Employee in Jail for Child Endangerment

An employee at Little Angels Child Care in Burlington was taken to jail today after detectives obtained a warrant for an incident that took place July 10th. According to a press release from the Burlington Police Department, 26-year-old Adrianne Raker of West Burlington has been accused of leaving bruises and finger imprints on a child after the child refused to take a nap. The parents were notified as soon as other daycare employees saw the marks. The marks on the child lasted for a least 10 days. During an interview with detectives, Raker claimed to have bear hugged the child in an effort to calm him/her down. Continue Reading


Keokuk Man Could Get 38 Years in Prison

A Keokuk man is looking at 38 years behind bars if convicted on felony drug charges. The Lee County Narcotics Task Force arrested 58-year-old Randall Gray of 1903 Palean Street yesterday and charged him with two counts of Delivery of Marijuana Within 1,000 Feet of a Park, Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana While in Possession of a Firearm, Drug Tax Stamp Violation, Maintaining a Drug House, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Continue Reading


Progress Made Since Burlington Crime Meeting

It’s been a few weeks now since Burlington police officers, the mayor, the county attorney and the community all got together to talk about recent crime in the Burlington area.  

(Photo from Crime Prevention Meeting)

We thought we would follow up with Burlington’s Police Chief Doug Beaird to see what’s happened since that chat. He said that the new street lights they had installed on south hill made a big difference because things are more visible… Beaird also mentioned that if the city council decides to approve possible curfew changes, it would be a big help as well… Currently the curfew for kids on school nights is 11pm. Continue Reading


First Ever Burlington Faith Festival

You’ve probably seen the signs in yards around Burlington lately for the first ever Faith Festival. For those who don’t know, it’s a 4-day event put on by the Des Moines County Catholic Parishes and will feature guest speakers like Bruce Brockway, who says it won’t feel like a church service, it’s just a chance to meet more people in the community, listen to their stories, and talk about their faith…. Brockway’s 10-year-old son Garrett passed away not too long ago, which was a time when Brockway says his faith was put to the test… There will be two speakers each night from people in the community. Dana Atkins will also be a quest speaker and gave us a preview of what she’ll be talking about at the Faith Festival… Continue Reading


Macomb Police Officer Arrested for Forgery and State Benefits Fraud

A Macomb Police Officer is in trouble after an investigation by the Illinois State Police ended with a warrant issued to Officer William Kennedy. According to a press release on the Macomb Police Department website, a citizen accused Kennedy of Forgery and State Benefits Fraud. The State Patrol conducted the investigation and arrested Officer Kennedy who resigned today. Kennedy posted the required 10% of his $30,000 bond and was released. He had been employed with the department since 2005. Continue Reading


Moped driver hit and killed near Mt. Pleasant

According to the Iowa State Patrol, a 59-year-old New London woman is dead due to a traffic accident early this morning on Highway 34, just 2 miles east of Mt. Pleasant. The woman was riding a moped and was killed after being hit from behind by a vehicle at around 6:25 this morning. No names have been released yet and the investigation is ongoing. Continue Reading

Trail Through Corn Field

Drones could be used for Agriculture

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, is the subject of much debate, but those remote-control flying robot-cameras may be the wave of the future — for farmers. Craig Hill, a farmer in Milo and president of the Iowa Farm Bureau, predicts the use of emerging technologies that give a farmer a full-color perspective on his fields from far above will prove quite successful for agriculture in the years ahead… “Eighty-percent of the use of drones in America will be for agriculture,” Hill says. “This will be a big feature and it actually could be an economic driver in agriculture, both in the services provided and in increased productivity.” Drones were a topic of conversation at last weekend’s third annual Iowa Farm Bureau economic summit, held in Ames. Continue Reading


Burlington men land in Henderson County Jail

Three young Burlington men are being held in the Henderson County Jail in connection with a home burglary in the Village of Oquawka Monday night. The three were arrested after they were located in the suspected vehicle by a Henderson County Sheriff Investigator in the Township of Biggsville. One of the men was holding a rifle when the investigator approached them. The three men are identified as 19-year-old Bryce Card, 18-year-old Jacob Harris, and 18-year-old Ryan O’Niell. They have been charged with Burglary with a Firearm, Possession of Stolen Property and Possession of Stolen Firearms.

All three remain in the Henderson County Jail where they are being held on felony no bond charges until they see a judge. Continue Reading


Sink hole getting Fixed

Officials now think they know what may have caused the sink hole in Downtown Burlington at the corner of Valley and Main Street. They believe a brick structure underneath the street allowed water to collect and wash away areas. They also found a steam pipe which was insulated with wood that’s rotting away and may have also been part of the issue. When we talked to Steve Hoambrecker with Public Works yesterday, he said they continue to work on the hole and hope to have it fixed by the end of this week, depending on the availability of asphalt. Continue Reading


Burlington Shooting Update

Burlington Police are searching for the man who shot Chicago resident, 37-year-old Kelon Tucker, near the area of Acres and 12th Street in Burlington yesterday morning. There is an arrest warrant charging Earl Antonio Dunn (in photo) with Attempted Murder. If you know where Dunn is, call the Burlington Area Crime Stoppers and you could receive a reward of up to $1,000 if your tip leads to his arrest. Dunn allegedly shot Tucker at around 1:15 yesterday morning during an argument. He suffered gunshot wounds to his lower torso and was reportedly transferred to Iowa City with life-threatening injuries. Continue Reading