Market street Lift Station Trial Start-Up Today

Flood cleanup in Downtown Burlington is underway and has reached a point where a decision has been made to perform a trial start-up of the individual sewage pumps at the Market Street Lift Station, as well as the mechanical bar rake which normally screens solids from the sewage. The trial start-up will begin today at 11am. If it goes well, the station will be put on-line and the sewage within the Valley Street/Hawkeye Seperated Sanitary Sewer System, and the basements of those customers connected to that system, should begin draining to the station. If everything works, or if there are issues today, nothing will be completely back to normal until they receive the replacement actuator, which needs to be installed for the station to function properly. It could be until the first week in August until the part arrives and is connected. Continue Reading


3 Sent to Hospital after Warren Co. Rollover

Three people were involved in a vehicle rollover yesterday in Warren County on US 34. 33-year-old Eddy Ino of Galesburg was westbound when he over-corrected while going around a curve and lost control of the vehicle. It then traveled into the grassy median, struck an embankment and overturned, resting on it’s roof. Ino and his two passengers, 29-year-old Guellord Kiniangi and 27-year-old Mpangay Mpangayalain both of Galesburg, were all wearing seatbelts and were transported to St. Mary’s Hospital in Galesburg with non-life threatening injuries. Continue Reading


Council could Censure Tim Scott

The Burlington City Council will be asked Monday to approve a resolution to censure member Tim Scott for some recent comments he made. The comments they are referring to include one he made to local media regarding the race of the youth involved in recent altercations with the Burlington Police, also his comments at a recent council meeting in which he referred in derogatory terms to certain youth in the community, and the combination of the two incidents, which gave the impression that certain races or ages of people may not be welcome in Burlington. In addition, the censure resolution refers to the fact that Scott threw some papers at fellow Council member Becky Anderson, an action described as intimidating and disrespectful. The dictionary defines “censure” as to severely criticize, disapprove of, or condemn publicly. Continue Reading


GE Announces 50 New Jobs

G.E.’s West Burlington plant celebrated the news with a picnic yesterday and a special visit. The company’s C-E-O of Industrial Solutions, Bob Gilligan, made the announcement right after lunch: 30 new jobs brought in from Chicago. That was a development G.E. management and employees had been working on for awhile. But that wasn’t all Gilligan had to say….. The West Burlington community has had its challenges with the huge corporation over the last few years. Continue Reading


WB Schools Creating Sex Offender Policy

After the uproar about a sex offender attending the West Burlington Graduation this year, the school board is trying to work out a policy that would involve them in the decision process. Superintendent Dave Schmitt… The board talked about a possible policy that would require a 4-6 week notice before the school function and then board approval. Most board members were in agreement that if they do create a policy they would take it case by case… Superintendent Dave Schmitt told the board he will talk with their attorney, call other schools in the area and see if they have similar policies, and then present the board with some options at their August board meeting. Continue Reading


Henry County Scam Alert

Henry County Sheriff’s deputies say there’s another phone scam being reported in the area. In this one, a man with a foreign accent calls, saying he’s with the federal government and that whoever answers is receiving a $7,000 grant. Before they can get the money, though, the caller will need some personal information. If you receive such a call, contact the local authorities. Continue Reading


Four Local Teens Injured in Car Accident

Four area teens were injured Saturday afternoon when the car they were all riding in went out of control on 125th Street (about two miles east of Highway 99) and rolled, coming to rest on its top. None of the names have been released, but the driver, from Mt. Pleasant, and two passengers from the Burlington area, were taken by Burlington ambulance to Great River Medical Center, while the third passenger, also from Burlington, was taken there by private vehicle. All four were treated and released. Continue Reading


Not enough Ambulances in Iowa

A newspaper report says 29 of Iowa’s 99 counties have no ambulance or only one capable of providing full-time, 24-hour-a-day service. These 29 counties are home to nearly 427,000 people. The Des Moines Register also says in its analysis of data from the Iowa Bureau of Emergency Medical Services that 14 Iowa counties have four or fewer emergency medical service agencies of any kind within their borders. Brian Donaldson is director of Sumner Emergency Medical Services, and he says part of the problem is that emergency medical services are not required of cities and counties. Donaldson says a 2007 study showed the relative risk of a rural victim dying in a crash is 15 times greater than in urban areas, after adjusting for other contributing factors. Continue Reading


Man Shoots Himself in Hand

Details are limited, but a 29-year old man was shot in the hand at the Maple Hills Apartments late Saturday night. Burlington Police say the call came in at 10:55 pm from 300 Angular, Apartment 14. The victim, who authorities did not identify, was taken by private vehicle to Great River Medical Center. No other information has been released Continue Reading


Emerald Ash Borer now in Henry County

Henry County, Iowa has become the 10th county in the state to have a confirmed infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer. The Iowa EAB team found a larva in a tree in Mt. Pleasant and it’s been positively identified as the destructive, metallic-green beetle. A statewide quarantine was instituted early last February and it’s still in-place. It restricts the movement of hardwood firewood, ash logs, wood chips and ash tree nursery stock from Iowa into non-quarantined areas of other states. Continue Reading