UPDATE on Dirt Bike Accident

The two young Burlington men who were knocked out early this morning when their Yamaha dirt-bike collided with a car at 14th and Locust, have been transferred from GRMC to the University Hospitals in Iowa City. 20-year old Branden Capps (of 19-04 south 14th Street) and 20-year old Zachary Grant (of 15-05 south 14th) were riding on the same motorcycle, without lights, and collided with a Ford Taurus driven by 47-year old Dawn Bennick of (17-05 Olive Street)Burlington who was not injured, nor was she ticketed. Continue Reading


Beer and Wine Walk Downtown Tonight

It’s taken a lot of work to bring back businesses to Burlington’s Downtown area, and slowly but surely it’s happening. A chance to check out some of the new stores is tonight for the beer and wine walk, according to Steve Frevert with Downtown Partners… Frevert says you’ll also get a sneak peek at the new Original Cyns Store.. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you’ll be able to do so tonight at 520 Jefferson for $15 which includes a beer/wine walk guide and a complimentary wine glass. The event is tonight from 5-8pm. Continue Reading


Iowa Champion Tree Found Toppled on Arbor Day

On this Arbor Day, there’s discouraging news that one of Iowa’s two national champion trees is damaged beyond repair. A team of tree experts went to a remote area near Pikes Peak State Park in northeast Iowa this week, intending to save the black ash tree and instead, found it broken into pieces. Mark Rouw says he was stunned. “I was really kind of in disbelief, but there’s no denying it, it was down, it’s gone,” Rouw says. “We’ve lost a national champion in Iowa and we don’t have many of those. Continue Reading

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Burn Bans Lifted

The burn bans for Des Moines and Lee Counties have now been lifted. Des Moines County Emergency Management Coordinator Gina Hardin lifted their ban at 10 am and Lee County cancelled its ban as of 8 am. The burn ban is still in effect in Henry County, Iowa and the Biggsville, Illinois Fire Protection District. Continue Reading


Update on Old JCPenny Building on Jefferson Street

A downtown building that has sat empty for 37 years is in the process of being transformed. Steve Frevert with Downtown Partners gave us an update on the renovation of the old JCPenny building that sits at 520 Jefferson Street… Frevert says it may become a new downtown restaurant… New windows will also be put in. They hope to have them installed before the Snake Alley Criterium. Continue Reading


Mini Riot on South Hill in Burlington

Police say two females were beaten by two males late yesterday afternoon on Burlington’s south side, and the assaults led to a mini crime wave and a large crowd gathering on Maple and South 9th Streets.  

City police are still trying to sort things out, but Sergeant Chad Zahn says what is known is that following the attacks, someone shot out a car window with what appeared to be a B.B. or pellet gun. After that, two houses in the neighborhood were vandalized, apparently in retaliation. Zahn says at its peak, the crowd numbered about 30 people, most of them watching what was going on. The initial call came in shortly before 4:30 yesterday afternoon and police continue their investigation. Continue Reading

Garrett Brockway Baseball Clinic this Saturday

Local boys and girls will learn about baseball from the pro’s this Saturday. The Burlington Bee’s are hosting their 2nd Annual Garrett Brockway Baseball Clinic. Garrett’s dad, Bruce Brockway, says he and his son attended these camps and always had a lot of fun… Manager of the Bees, Bill Richardson says they’ll have several stations set up around the ball park for the kids… The clinic is $25 for boys and girls ages 7-14. Continue Reading


Two More Locals Arrested for Passing Fake Checks

Two more people were arrested today for the passing of fraudulent checks in the Burlington area. The Burlington Police Department has been investigating this crime for the past two months, arresting six individuals. The latest arrests made today were of 20-year-old Kendall Buckley of Burlington and 31-year-old Brian Bruce of West Burlington. They have been charged with Ongoing Criminal Conduct and are being held in the Des Moines County Jail on $25,000 bond pending a court appearance. The fraudulent payroll checks these individuals are passing around are allegedly from businesses such as UPS, Target, Wal-Mart and Applebees. Continue Reading


Burglar Still on the Loose in Mediapolis

The town of Mediapolis is still dealing with a number of burglaries. The Des Moines County Sheriff’s Department has been working hard trying to figure out who is behind all the car and home break-ins, but have not found the individual yet. There was a burglary arrest made last week but Sheriff Mike Johnstone says, it’s not the person they’re looking for… Crime Stoppers is still offering a reward of up to $1,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. The Sheriff believes the burglar is a young male from descriptions he’s received, but has no further details because the man has only been seen at night. Continue Reading