Older Illinois Inmates Could Be Released Early

Legislation working its way through the Illinois House would allow some prison inmates over the age of 50 to be released early. Supporters say it would reduce overcrowding and save money because older prisoners can cost more to house. The Springfield bureau of Lee Enterprises newspapers reports that the measure would apply to inmates who have served more than 25 years of their sentence. A committee passed the measure Tuesday and sent it to the full House. Opponents told committee members the proposal would violate the rights of crime victims.

Mary Kay Mace is the mother of a student killed in a mass shooting at Northern Illinois University in 2008. Continue Reading


Lee Co. Residents Question Their Two County Seats

It’s the only county in Iowa with two county seats, and at last night’s forum in Donnellson, the residents of Lee County asked for answers. Gary Folluo with the Lee County Board of Supervisors answered with one simple statement… “To make it plain and simple, it’s the law. That’s why we have two county seats.” He said it’s an issue that’s been raised many times. Continue Reading


Burlington Man Shoots His Foot While Hunting

Officials say a Burlington man is recovering after he accidentally shot himself in the foot while hunting. The state Department of natural Resources says 31-year-old Dustin Guernsey was injured Saturday morning in Lee County. He was hunting for snow geese at the time. Officials say he was carrying equipment and his shotgun as he walked across a field. He stumbled and the weapon discharged into his left foot. Continue Reading


Pitbull Puppy Shot in Face in Lee County

A pitbull puppy was found on the side of a Lee Co. Highway suffering from a gunshot wound to the head, and died this afternoon at a vet clinic near Fort Madison. It got many residents talking about Lee County’s stray dog policies. Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl explained what their rules are…. “Lee County does not have a humane society or an animal control officer. Continue Reading


Idea of Medical Marijuana in Iowa is Dead

Legislation to legalize medical marijuana in Iowa has been declared dead this session, but lawmakers are continuing with efforts to raise awareness about benefits associated with the drug. Sen. Joe Bolkcom, a Democrat from Iowa City, invited current and former Iowa residents to the Capitol today to share how marijuana has helped them medically and explain why they have left or are considering leaving the state. A mother from Waterloo says she uprooted her family to get her epileptic daughter medical marijuana in Colorado. A veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder says he plans to move to Colorado, too. Gov. Terry Branstad has said he fears there would be unintended consequences if medical marijuana were legalized. Continue Reading


Almost a Dozen Weekend Mediapolis Burglaries

Des Moines County deputies are investigating close to a dozen reports of vehicle burglaries in Mediapolis over the weekend. Authorities say the break-in’s were committed Saturday night and Sunday morning in the areas of the 1300 block of Pine Street, 900 blocks of North and Main Streets, 100 block of Centennial, the 300 block of North Northfield, and the 200 and 300 blocks of South Northfield. Continue Reading


Oquawka Woman Steals $100,000

An Oquawka woman was taken to the Henderson County Jail Thursday after officials received a criminal complaint alleging she stole more than $100,000 from the Day Break Gas Station in Oquawka. 40-year-old Tonya Cook was arrested and is currently awaiting her first court appearance. Continue Reading


Henry Co. Dispatcher Fired for Theft

A former dispatcher for a county sheriff’s office in southeast Iowa has been charged with theft after officials reported discrepancies in financial records. The state Department of Public Safety says Jami Mallonee faces a fourth-degree theft charge following a three-month investigation. Court records do not list an attorney. Mallonee is a former dispatcher for the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Rich McNarnee reported problems in the fall of 2013 over the department’s financial records. Continue Reading


Burlington Officer Stops Suicide Attempt

A Burlington police officer is credited with saving a man’s life early this morning. Officer Chris Chiprez was on a routine patrol in the Dankwardt Park area, when he saw a suspicious vehicle parked under a tree. As he got closer, he noticed a man standing in the bed of the truck, throwing a rope over a tree limb, and tying the other end around his neck. Lieutenant Adam Schaefer says Chiprez got there just as the 67-year-old man jumped, grabbing him, and then lifting him up and cutting the rope. A Burlington Fire Department Ambulance arrived on the scene a few moments later and took the man to Great River Medical Center for evaluation. Continue Reading


NOAA Predicts Cool Iowa Spring and Delayed Flooding

Our area was mentioned in a national teleconference this morning by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)¬†when speaking about the potential flood risk for this Spring. NOAA’s acting director, Robbert Hartman: “Specific rivers at risk include the Mississippi River between Davenport and Burlington, Iowa, the Illinois River between Beardstown and Henry Illinois, as well as many smaller rivers in this region.” He also said that our flooding will most likely be delayed… “The continuation of winter weather, along with the above average snow pack, frozen ground, and thick ice coverage on streams and rivers, will delay spring flooding into April in the upper Midwest.” Temperatures for our spring are predicted to be lower than normal. Continue Reading