Spring Begins Tomorrow!

Many people have been counting down the days, and tomorrow it will be here. After a harsh winter, Thursday March 20th is the beginning of Spring, the date of the vernal equinox, or spring equinox, in the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, according to Kerry Koonce from Iowa Workforce Development, warmer temperatures won’t immediately signal the start of construction in many towns… “The ground, they’re saying, is frozen so deep that that’s really going to have an impact on when some of them get started.” She says things probably won’t pick up until we get into April. Continue Reading


BFD Receives 960 Rolls of TP

Word of the Burlington Fire Department’s financial woes has now, evidently, spread nationwide. Chief Matt Trexel announced today that his staff took delivery of 960 rolls of toilet paper, a year’s supply, courtesy of the Charmin Company. One department in each state received the tissue, and Trexel says he was told that his department was “in-need”, although he declined to elaborate.   Continue Reading


WB School Approves Decrease in Levy

The West Burlington School Board approved a decrease in the overall levy by $2.00, which most West Burlington tax payers are probably pretty happy about…. “We’re asking for $18.81 per thousand which is a drop of exactly $2.00 from this years levy. We’re very pleased that we are able to reduce it.” That’s according to Superintendent Dave Schmitt. The budget hearing is set for April 7th at 7pm in the board room. Continue Reading


Moving Date for FM Prison Pushed Back

Prisoners from the Fort Madison State Penitentiary were supposed to be moving to the new prison this month, but the date keeps getting pushed back. Warden, Nick Ludwick, says there’s still some important construction that needs to be finished before the big move…. “We’re working on the Industries Building. They’re still building individual work areas, and in the process of setting it up, they’ve run into a couple areas where they have had to add things here and there. That’s resulted in a delay to our initial plans.” Continue Reading

mug shot

Burlington Burglars Arrested

Burlington Police have made a few arrests in the car burglaries that had taken place at the Comfort Inn & Suites parking lot in Burlington a few days ago. After multiple interviews, detectives were able to trace the stolen items to three Burlington residents. 27-year-old Monroe Walton, 25-year-old Nia Davis, and 42-year-old Gerald Terry were all arrested and charged with Felony Possession of Stolen Property. They are being held in the Des Moines County Jail on $5,000 bond pending a court appearance. Continue Reading


Burlington Teachers Not Happy w/ Staff Dress Code

What’s most often a fairly quiet portion of Burlington School Board Meetings, was not last night. During the public comments section, several teachers spoke out about the professional dress code policy for teachers that the board was looking to move forward with last night. One teacher, Melissa Carlson, said there’s no proof that wearing jeans will prevent her from doing her job… “I was hired by this district to do a job and educate students. Everyday I come into the classroom and do my job and do good things for students. Continue Reading


Neighbors Upset about Perkins School Apartments

Most of last night’s Burlington City Council meeting was turned over to neighbors of the old Perkins School on Dodge Street. They voiced concerns with Developer Lloyd Thola’s plans to turn the building and it’s surrounding land into apartments and duplexes. Amy Martin spoke first for the group, 269 of whom have signed a petition against the proposal… “I do have three statements from neighborhood residents who are elderly and were not able to make it down here. I also have the petition here that we started and have acquired many more signatures.” Continue Reading


Stinky, Odd Tasting Burlington Water Getting Better

If you’ve consumed Burlington’s water lately, you’ve probably noticed a different taste and a slight odor. Ken Gregory, Burlington’s Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, says you can blame the river…

“Currently what we’re experiencing is a high level of raw ammonia in the river right now, and an increased level of organics. What we have had to do is increase our chlorine feed rates to burn off the ammonia.”

Gregory says almost everyone along the Mississippi River is having to do the same thing. He says the odd taste in your drinking water is the extra chlorine, but it’s completely safe to consume. On a positive note, they have started to reduce the chlorine levels.. Continue Reading


Iowa Unemployment Increases a Tiny Bit

It wasn’t a drastic change, but the unemployment rate in Iowa moved up to 4.3% in January. In December unemployment was at 4.2%. Last January however, Iowa was at 5.0%, so we are seeing an improvement. Overall in the U.S., unemployment fell to 6.6% from 6.7% in December. It’s the lowest national rate since October 2008. Continue Reading


Primary Election Day in Illinois Tomorrow

Tuesday is primary election day in Illinois and there’s a 3-way race among Democrats for Henderson County Sheriff. First-Term incumbent Steven Haynes of Stronghurst is being challenged by one of his deputies, Steve Henshaw of Oquawka, and by David Hinshaw also of Oquawka. Also on the Henderson County Ballot is a race for the Republican nomination for County Clerk. Voters have their choice of incumbent Amanda Van Arsdale-Rousonelos of Stronghurst and Kelli Vancil of Little York. Democrat Patty Daniels of Biggsville is also seeking the job. Continue Reading