Oquawka Meth Arrest

West Central Illinois’s Drug Task Force and Henderson County Sheriff’s Deputies have arrested an Oquawka area man on meth charges. 49-year-old Marvin Kaywood Jr. will face counts of Aggravated Unlawful Participation in Meth Production, Possession of Meth Manufacturing Materials, and Unlawful Possession of Meth. He was taken to the county jail in Oquawka.   Continue Reading


UPDATE: Truck Overturned on Roosevelt

A young Gladstone man was injured in a traffic accident yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Division and Roosevelt in Burlington. 16-year-old Brayton Seitz was hit by David Wilkins. Seitz’s truck then spun, rolled over onto it’s top, with him still inside. When we were at the scene, Seitz seemed to be conscious. He was put in a neck brace and then taken to the hospital. Continue Reading


Possible Hit and Run Causes Truck to Flip

One young man was injured in a vehicle accident today at the intersection of Division and Roosevelt at around 3pm. Captain Bollinger with the Fire Department was at the scene… “I haven’t received many details yet, but it appears one car struck this truck, he spun and flipped it over on it’s top, and he was still inside.” They did not locate the car that hit the truck yet. From what we could tell, the young man seemed to be alright. Continue Reading


Local Measles Outbreak

A small outbreak of the Measles has been confirmed in this area. The report comes from McDonough County in Illinois, the home of Western Illinois University. Symptoms include a cough, high fever, runny nose and a rash that appears a week or two after exposure. The Measles Virus is highly contagious and is spread through the air.   Continue Reading


Almost 900 Registered for Shamrock Shuffle

If winter has made you miss the color green, there will be plenty of it in Crapo Park this Saturday for the Shamrock Shuffle in Burlington. Coordinator Melissa Jones says it’s an un-timed event… “You can run, walk, jog, a combination of all three. We just want you to come out and have fun. It’s really about the color, the after school program and getting out to get some fresh air.” Continue Reading


Burlington’s Dropout Rate Drops Again

The dropout rate in the Burlington Community School District has dropped to it’s lowest point in 7 years. Burlington’s most recent rate is 3.49%, which is a big change from the 2008-2009 school year, when their dropout rate was 8.54%. Superintendent Jane Evans is thrilled with the news…. “We’re no longer anywhere near the highest dropout rate in the state. I’m just so grateful to our teachers, counselors, social workers and principals who have worked so hard to bring our students back to school.” Continue Reading


Another Scam Targeting Elderly in Lee County

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department is warning of yet another scam targeting older citizens. Sheriff Jim Sholl said a group of ladies from the Jackson Township, near Keokuk, came to the station yesterday about a letter they received… “The letter was promising a sweepstakes win of hundreds of thousands of dollars, if the recipient of the letter only pays a processing fee. The postage and phone number on it indicated it was from Ireland. Our investigator called, they [those who answered] passed the phone around and spoke broken English. Continue Reading


Officials Lobby for Iowa Gas Tax Increase Today

Dozens of county officials from around the state are at the capitol in Des Moines today, lobbying legislators on issues — like the gas tax. Carl Mattes of Humboldt, a member of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, supports an increase in the state gas tax…. “We’re going to have to do something or our bridges and roads are going to fall apart. We need to kick and scream until we get something done — some kind of financing.” Mattes faults the governor for failing to “step up” and call on legislators to pass a gas tax increase. Continue Reading


Riot in Fairfield

Authorities in southeast Iowa say they’re investigating why dozens of people at a campus that practices meditation allegedly attacked a county sheriff inside a car. The Jefferson County Attorney’s Office says a group of at least 70 people surrounded Sheriff Gregg Morton while he was in his marked patrol vehicle Tuesday morning at a pandit campus near Fairfield. Morton says the group pushed the car back and forth and threw rocks at it. Morton and responding officers were not injured in the incident. The Fairfield Ledger reports that authorities were assisting personnel in escorting a pandit leader off the property. Continue Reading


One Problem with SCC Renovation

Southeastern Community College is in the process of renovating their campuses a couple sections at a time. Their first projects to tackle on the West Burlington Campus, are the health and science programs. In Keokuk, the industrial maintenance program is their main focus for renovation. Vice President of Administrative Services, Kevin Carr, says they are meeting with the architects today. One problem they have run into, is a high pressure gas line that runs through the campus in WB. They can put a parking lot over it, but not a building. Continue Reading