Burlington’s Water Main Mystery Finally Solved

Burlington Municipal Waterworks revealed some good news late this morning. The “main” that broke last week under Flint Creek has been fixed and the missing pipe has been found… “We’ve got about 100 feet of new pipeline installed and we’ve got it filled with water. We’re going to let it soak over the weekend,” Borden says. Waterworks Director Allen Borden says he’s unsure how much the project will end up costing them, but hopes to find out by the middle or end of next week. Continue Reading


Burl/WB United Way Welcomes New President

Burlington/West Burlington United Way President, Chet Young, welcomed a new president today at the 88th Annual Meeting Luncheon at the Pzazz Convention and Event Center. During his speech, he shared how proud he was to be part of an organization that does so much for the Burlington and West Burlington area… “When I have people come to me and say “my child got to go to Y-camp or girl scout camp, or boy scout camp because of your contributions”, I say, thank you United Way.” Jerry Krause of F&M Bank will now lead the Burlington/West Burlington United Way as president. Other candidates chosen to fill a couple seats were KC Fleming as the 2015 General Campaign Chair and Dan Luttenegger as the General Campaign Associate. Continue Reading


Iowa Talking Seriously about Medical Marijuana

Legislative leaders like House Republican Leader Linda Upmeyer say the tide may be turning for efforts to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes, although they don’t expect legalization to happen this year. “The discussion has risen to a different level or changed appreciably this year.” Upmeyer, who holds a masters degree in nursing, says legislators “want to be educated” because “technically it’s very challenging” to write a law that would legalize marijuana use in limited circumstances… “But I think there is interest, certainly. The moms who testified make a very compelling argument for folks to at least study this issue and see what’s possible.” Continue Reading


WIU Receives $50,000 from State Farm

Bloomington’s State Farm has given $50,000 to Western Illinois University’s Business and Technology Program. The money will go towards a new classroom lab that will include an 80-inch flat screen monitor, and deal with things like apps, 3-D graphics, and other forms of digital media. WIU Alum and State Farm Assistant Vice President for Corporate Systems, Bill Miller, says there’s more than one purpose for State Farm’s partnership with Western…. “We want to identify students and graduates from Western Illinois that are potential State Farm employees, and can make a difference for state farm customers. On the same hand, we also want to help Western prepare students for post graduation.” Continue Reading


Dead Homeless Man Found in FM Woods

Fort Madison police found a dead homeless man Monday near the Burlington-Northern Sante Fe Tracks. The body of 52-year-old Tim Lundquist was discovered between the 2400 block of Avenue N and the tracks. The medical examiner said he died of natural causes. Police say Lundquist sometimes stayed at the Fort Madison homeless shelter or with friends. He had apparently set up a make-shift camp in some woods near the tracks. Continue Reading


Horses Given Back to Donnellson Man

A Donnellson man whose horses were taken from him over a month ago, is getting them back. In January, 55-year-old Jeffery Graber of 1930 Hwy 2 in Donnelson, had apparently not been feeding or taking care of his horses, so authorities found new homes for the animals. At a hearing yesterday, held at the South Lee County Courthouse, they ordered the horses to be returned to Graber due to a procedural error. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor the horses, which have responded favorably while in foster care. The court’s decision however, does not affect the pending criminal charges filed against Mr. Graber. Continue Reading


Arrest Made in Connection with Jefferson Street Meth Lab

Burlington Police have made an arrest, one day after discovering the ingredients and equipment used to make meth at 1310 Jefferson Street. 29-year-old Stephanie Gibson of Burlington was charged with possession of a controlled substance- meth, and possession of drug paraphernalia, after she approached officers Tuesday night to find out what they were doing at her home. Police invited Gibson to the station, where she agreed to let them search her purse. In it, they found drugs and some accessories. Continue Reading


Mt. Pleasant Street Overpass Situation Similar to Cascade’s

It’s been a rough winter and it hasn’t made Burlington’s bridge situation any better. As most have probably seen, a portion of the Mt. Pleasant Street overpass is surrounded by caution cones. Burlington City Manager Jim Ferneau explains what the issue is… “There’s an expansion joint there that had frozen, and in order to get that repaired, we have to wait for a thaw to occur.” Continue Reading


RadioShack to Close 1,000+ Stores

A long-time electronics store chain is announcing widespread closings, no news yet on whether the one in West Burlington will be affected. Radio Shack says it will close at least a thousand under performing stores out of 52-hundred nationwide in an effort to become more competitive. The chain has 68 stores in Iowa but has NOT said yet where any of the doomed stores are located. No deadlines were set and there was no estimate on the number of impacted employees. Radio Shack reported loses of 191-million dollars in the fourth quarter and last year, lost 400-million. Continue Reading


High School Rivals May Unite to Broadcast Sports

The West Burlington School District may be teaming up with one of it’s rivals to promote their sports programs over the internet. West Burlington Board Member, Jay Day, invited owner of the Mediapolis Newspaper, Danny Davis, to the board meeting Monday night to talk about the online streaming the Mediapolis Newspaper offers. What really made the offer stand out, was when Davis mentioned it wouldn’t cost the school any money…. “I think they [West Burlington] have a history of sports and a dedicated fan base. And not just them, but any school who would like to do this should contact us. Continue Reading