3 Burlington Residents Arrested for Forgery

Three Burlington residents were taken into custody today for passing fraudulently issued payroll checks. The Burlington Police Department has been investigating the case for the past two weeks and today arrested 20-year-old Dabrielle Dixon, 24-year-old Demone Head, and 24-year-old Andre Kindrick. So far, detectives have determined that in excess of $7,500 has been obtained by the suspects in the Burlington area alone. All three young adults have been charged with two counts of forgery and are currently in the Des Moines County Jail. Additional arrests are expected. Continue Reading


Vet Bills Increase for PAW After Puppies Diagnosed w/ Parvo

The medical bills are piling up fast right now at PAW Animal Shelter in Fort Madison. The shelter received a litter of puppies, and two of them have been diagnosed with Parvo. Shelter Director Sandy Brown says usually when this happens, it’s a life threatening situation for the animal… “Basically a dog sick with Parvo looks like a concentration camp victim. If you cant keep them hydrated, then they die.” Continue Reading


Entire Iowa Town Evacuated

You won’t find any residents in the Iowa town of Northwood right now. The town of 2,000 people, located along the Minnesota and Iowa border,  had to be evacuated today because of a chemical fire at the fertilizer plant. The facility contains sulfuric acid and is currently burning.  It’s considered a very dangerous situation. Iowa’s U.S. Representative Bruce Braley has already commented on the situation saying, “My thoughts and prayers are with the community of Northwood this morning as they respond to this incident. Continue Reading


Danville Schools Leaning Towards Balanced Calendar

West Burlington isn’t the only school district in our area looking at a balanced calendar. Danville has already held a couple informational meetings with the community to get their input on the change of schedule. Danville’s Superintendent Gary LeLacy told us that the school improvement advisory committee, which consists of parents, students, teachers, and school board members, have been talking about a balanced calendar for over a year now… “We talked about student achievement, how much we’re losing during the summer, and starting to explore a better use of our calendar.” DeLacy is working on a new calendar that would start August 11th this year. Continue Reading


Trailer Fire Claims Two Lives in Salem, IA.

Two people are dead after a trailer home went up in flames this evening in Salem, Iowa, a town just 40 minutes from Burlington. According to Salem’s Fire Chief, there appeared to have been some sort of explosion that caused the trailer, which was located at 3207 James Avenue, to go up in flames at around 4:45pm. An investigation is currently being conducted. The names of the victims are not being released yet so authorities can notify the family. We’ll have more information as soon as it’s available. Continue Reading


Iowa’s Teenager “Sexting” Law Changing

Legislators are making another attempt to relax state laws for “sexting” between teenagers who are dating. Assistant Iowa Attorney General Sherri Soich  says, for example, a teenage girl who sends a racy photo to her boyfriend could be charged with a felony today. “Under the current law, it makes teenagers who are ‘sexting’ actually child pornographyers,” Soich says, “because under the definition of child pornography…if you produce a picture of a prohibited sex act involving a minor, then you are deemed a producer of child pornography.” Iowa’s attorney general began asking legislators in 2010 to change these laws, to make most cases of “sexting” a misdemeanor. Eric Tabor, another assistant attorney general, says young people sometimes do dumb things. Continue Reading


West Burlington Sets Timeline for “Balanced Calendar”

No actions were taken, there was just a lot of discussion about a potential balanced calendar for the West Burlington School District. Most people would call it “year-round-schooling” but Superintendent Dave Schmitt says that’s not the case. The only difference would be an earlier start date, a later end date, and more breaks in between. What the West Burlington Board did last night was discuss a timeline that would help them make a decision on the matter by this December. Schmitt says there is a purpose in making this change… Continue Reading


Boil Order Cancelled

The Burlington Municipal Waterworks has announced that the Boil Order Advisory issued for the cities of Burlington and West Burlington has been cancelled and is no longer in effect. Required water testing by the Burlington Municipal Waterworks has been completed, with all samples indicating the water is safe for all uses without boiling first. Continue Reading


Mt. Union Fire Destroys Machine Shed

Several fire crews from around the area were called to Mount Union tonight to fight a fire that had fully engulfed a machine shed. The fire broke out at around 5:30pm at 22728 240th Street (a Mount Union address but a Yarmouth territory). There were no injuries reported and the cause of the fire is still undetermined. Yarmouth Fire Cheif John Crouch said they needed the extra help… “We needed them mainly for water.” Continue Reading


Dead Macomb Man was Probably Strangled

Autopsy results show that the cause of death of a 43-year-old Macomb man is consistent with a “cause of death by strangulation”. At around 8am Sunday Macomb Police received a call that Ramone Doyle was not breathing. The caller also stated he had been in a fight. Doyle was pronounced dead at McDonough District Hospital. Police are in the process of conducting interviews with witnesses. Continue Reading