Warm-Up Causing Roads to Flood

As the temperatures go up, the snow piles are beginning to melt and flood the streets. Henderson County Sheriff, Steve Haynes, is warning drivers of hydroplaning and is urging people to drive with caution through those flooded streets. Des Moines County Engineer, Brian Carter, says the freeze-thaw cycle we’re seeing is a recipe for disaster… “Drainage doesn’t work very well when you have this much snow and no where for the water to go. And to top it off, because gravel roads stay cold longer, some of that rain could turn to ice on the gravel roads also. Continue Reading


Illinois May Tax Soda

An Illinois lawmaker wants to tax soft drinks as part of an effort to promote healthy living. The Springfield bureau of Lee Enterprises Newspapers reports the legislation is being sponsored by Sen. Mattie Hunter, a Chicago Democrat. Her proposal would charge a penny-per-ounce surcharge on sugary drinks that are sold in sealed containers. Money generated from the levy would be used to pay for a variety of health services and educational efforts. But Hunter’s plan is already drawing criticism from the Illinois Coalition Against Beverage Taxes. Continue Reading


Boil Order May End Tonight

An order that has Burlington and West Burlington residents drinking bottled water or boiling it before they consume it, may be lifted tonight. Allen Borden with Waterworks in Burlington, told us yesterday that they’ve called in a contractor for today to help fix the water transmission lines. In order to lift the boil order, more water samples will be tested today. If the samples come back clean, the boil order may be lifted late tonight. Continue Reading


Subcommittee Votes to Legalize Fireworks in Iowa

A bill that would make it legal for adults to shoot off fireworks in Iowa has cleared a subcommittee in the Iowa Senate.  

Senator Wally Horn, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, says the general public wants it… “I don’t know how many more fireworks will be set off if we pass this law than it is right now.” Novelty items like sparklers and snakes are legal to light in Iowa, but all other fireworks have been illegal in the state of Iowa since 1938. John Pederson, a lobbyist for the Iowa Professional Firefighters Association, says the group is “leaning against” legalizing consumer fireworks… Continue Reading


Suspicious Macomb Death

It’s still unclear what killed a Macomb man yesterday. At around 8am Sunday, police received a call stating that 43-year-old Ramone Doyle of Macomb was not breathing. The caller also said Doyle had been involved in a fight. Authorities responded to the 500 block of East Pierce Street and took him to McDonough District Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The fatality has been labeled “suspicious” and is under investigation. Continue Reading


Burlington BOIL ORDER Morning Update

Burlington and West Burlington are still under a boil order, meaning residents should not drink the water without boiling it for one minute. Waterworks Superintendent Allen Borden told us this morning that the system is up and running, almost.. “The system is fairly well back to normal. We’re still low in some areas but we’re holding our own, and we’ve got a set of samples. We’ll take some more tonight. Continue Reading


Lee County Home Destroyed by Fire

An early morning fire today destroyed a Franklin man’s home. Taj Kite was in Burlington when the blaze was called in by a passing paper deliveryman around 5am. A West Point crew led the effort to knock it down, but the house and a nearby truck were almost fully involved by the time they got there. They had help from the Lee County Engineer’s Office, who spread sand on the road so the engine wouldn’t slide off. The Des Moines Township, Houghton, and Donnellson Departments also sent crews and equipment, and managed to save some adjacent propane tanks. Continue Reading


Boil Order for Burlington

The City of Burlington is asking it’s customers to boil their water. This also includes the city of West Burlington. Earlier this evening there was a large water main break in a transmission line from the treatment plant to town. The break caused a portion of the water system to become depressurized. There is no indication that the water has been contaminated, but as a precautionary measure, the city is encouraging people in Burlington and West Burlington to follow this advisory until further notified. Continue Reading

Cool bridges did not factor into the statistics.

Burlington Sees Tourism Grow

The Director of Burlington’s Convention & Visitors Bureau gave her annual report to the City Council this past week. Beth Nickel says tourism in the area continues to be a growth industry. For instance, more than 10,000 visitors passed through the Welcome Center in 2013, and they cam from every state except Connecticut and Rhode Island. Nickel says Des Moines County is ranked 13th out of 99 Iowa counties in the amount visitors spend on tourisim-related activities. She also reported that it’s an economic impact of $121-million last year. Continue Reading