Vine Street Fire Arrest Made

An arrest has been made in connection with the fire that engulfed the apartment complex at 1115 Vine Street in Burlington on New Years Day. After conducting interviews and using forensic evidence analysis, investigators were led to 43-year-old Christine Marie Rice of Burlington. According to authorities, they suspect Rice was involved after talking with other residents who told them they all had a dispute with her. The investigation revealed the use of an accelerant to fuel the fire which caused the building to go up in flames. Damage is estimated at around $60,000 and is considered a total loss. Continue Reading


Progress Made Since Viral Bullying Video Was Released

The crowd wasn’t what it was back in the fall, but the Burlington Community met again tonight for a Bullying Prevention Discussion at Grimes Elementary, which was hosted by the Burlington School District and South Hill Neighborhood Association. Superintendent Jane Evans told us that tonight’s small crowd spoke a lot about the bullying situation in the district…. “I think that we have things stabilized. People know that we have Olweus Bullying Prevention Training going on for all our staff and we are having meetings so kids can talk. I think there’s a reassurance that things are being handled.” Continue Reading


Moving FM Inmates will be “Swift, Silent, and Secure”

In just a couple months, inmates at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison will be moving to a new home. Moving day is one of many circumstances staff is training for, according to Warden Nick Ludwick… “I continue to tell people we will move swiftly, silently, and securely. Moving day takes an awful lot of prior planning and we are right in the midst of that, and have been for sometime. It’s like ground traffic control. Continue Reading

Fed. Gov. Requests Demolition of Old Armory Building

The manager of the Southeast Iowa Regional Airport in Burlington gave her annual report to the city council last night. Mary Beaird talked once again about that former armory building across the street from the airport. She stated that the Federal Government has decided that it’s too close for comfort, should someone overshoot the runway. The bottom line is that it should be torn down. No action has been taken. Continue Reading


New Criteria for Cancelling School

You can’t please everyone, that was Burlington School Board President Marlis Robberts’s message when talking about the district’s decisions with the recent weather cancellations and delays. They’ve received many phone calls from parents upset that school was canceled, and some upset that it wasn’t canceled. With the extremely cold, windy conditions lately, it’s been hard for the Burlington School District to decide whether to delay school, cancel it, or do nothing at all. Superintendent Jane Evans explains… “In the past years, we’ve had late starts or cancelled school for ice, snow, fog and other hazardous road conditions. Continue Reading

cuffed hands

Burlington Residents Sentenced to Prison for Cocaine

Two Burlington residents were sentenced to prison Friday for Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine. The two men are 28-year-old Akeem Eison and 36-year-old Zachary Shullaw. Beginning in March of 2012 and continuing until April of last year, Eison and Shullaw conspired with other people to distribute cocaine in Burlington. Shullaw, specifically, sold cocaine in ounce quantities to undercover law enforcement personnel. Eison distributed cocaine as well, including providing co-defendant Shane Culbertson with a multi-ounce quantity of drugs, which Culbertson then arranged to sell to undercover law enforcement. Continue Reading


Eastern Iowa Cop is a Contestant on Survivor

An eastern Iowa cop will be a contestant on the upcoming season of the popular reality TV game show “Survivor.” Twenty-nine-year-old Sarah Lacina is a police officer in Cedar Rapids… “I’m a huge fan of the show. It’s an awesome concept and I get to be part of it.” Contestants are not allowed to speak publicly about “Survivor,” but short videos about each of this year’s “castaways” were released on Continue Reading


Iowa’s Winter Has Been “Unusually” Cold

There’s a reason this winter feels as if it’s dragging from one endless arctic chill to another. State Climatologist Harry Hillaker said today his records show this winter has been unusually cold. Temperatures in Iowa between Oct. 1 and Jan. 23 represent the ninth coldest for that period in the past 121 years. Continue Reading


New Cell Phone Scam Could Cost You

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity could also lead to an expensive cellular phone bill. Iowans are being warned about a new scam that targets cell phone users. Jim Hegarty, at the Better Business Bureau, says it starts when either a scammer or their robo-call device contacts your cell… “When they go to answer, the person on the other line, or if it’s an automated call, it just disconnects immediately,” Hegarty says. “The whole purpose of this is to get you to call that number back, just because you’re curious as to who called.” Continue Reading


Missing Burlington Teen Arrested

A resident of the Woodlands Treatment Center, who had run away, is now a resident of the Lee County Juvenile Center near Montrose. 16-year-old Jacob Davis was arrested late Saturday afternoon by Burlington Police, after he and some other teens had been fighting with weapons- including a tire iron and cue-ball, at 511 Iowa Street. Police were called, and when they arrived, Davis took off on-foot, but was picked up a short time later. He gave the officer a fake name and date of birth and was charged with providing false I-D, in addition to Disorderly Conduct. Authorities have not said who was injured in the fight, if anyone. Continue Reading