Eastern Iowa Cop is a Contestant on Survivor

An eastern Iowa cop will be a contestant on the upcoming season of the popular reality TV game show “Survivor.” Twenty-nine-year-old Sarah Lacina is a police officer in Cedar Rapids… “I’m a huge fan of the show. It’s an awesome concept and I get to be part of it.” Contestants are not allowed to speak publicly about “Survivor,” but short videos about each of this year’s “castaways” were released on Continue Reading


Iowa’s Winter Has Been “Unusually” Cold

There’s a reason this winter feels as if it’s dragging from one endless arctic chill to another. State Climatologist Harry Hillaker said today his records show this winter has been unusually cold. Temperatures in Iowa between Oct. 1 and Jan. 23 represent the ninth coldest for that period in the past 121 years. Continue Reading


New Cell Phone Scam Could Cost You

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but curiosity could also lead to an expensive cellular phone bill. Iowans are being warned about a new scam that targets cell phone users. Jim Hegarty, at the Better Business Bureau, says it starts when either a scammer or their robo-call device contacts your cell… “When they go to answer, the person on the other line, or if it’s an automated call, it just disconnects immediately,” Hegarty says. “The whole purpose of this is to get you to call that number back, just because you’re curious as to who called.” Continue Reading


Missing Burlington Teen Arrested

A resident of the Woodlands Treatment Center, who had run away, is now a resident of the Lee County Juvenile Center near Montrose. 16-year-old Jacob Davis was arrested late Saturday afternoon by Burlington Police, after he and some other teens had been fighting with weapons- including a tire iron and cue-ball, at 511 Iowa Street. Police were called, and when they arrived, Davis took off on-foot, but was picked up a short time later. He gave the officer a fake name and date of birth and was charged with providing false I-D, in addition to Disorderly Conduct. Authorities have not said who was injured in the fight, if anyone. Continue Reading


Investigation Cites 2 Burl. Clerks Selling Tobacco to Minors

After a special investigation conducted by the Burlington Police Department, only 2 of 27 business in Burlington were cited for selling tobacco to underage youths. A 16 and 17-year-old working with the Department entered stores yesterday that hold licenses to sell tobacco. The two businesses that did not check the ID’s of the youths, were BS Mini Mart, located at 1900 Summer Street and the Walgreens on South Central. The two clerks cited with supplying tobacco to minors were 65-year-old Francis Crockrell and 24-year-old Stephanie Moore, both of Burlington. Continue Reading


Nutrition Facts Label will be Bigger

After 20 years, the nutrition facts label on the back of food packages is getting a makeover. Knowledge about nutrition has evolved since the early 1990s, and the Food and Drug Administration says the labels need to reflect that. Nutritionists and other health experts have their own wish list for label changes. The number of calories should be more prominent, they say, and the amount of added sugar and percentage of whole wheat in the food should be included. They also want more clarity on serving sizes. Continue Reading

Cool bridges did not factor into the statistics.

“Invent an Event” for Burlington

When it comes to Burlington’s Tourism numbers, October through March seems to be a slower time for visitors coming to our area. This is why the Greater Burlington Convention and Visitors Bureau is initiating “Invent an Event”. Executive Director Beth Nickel, says non-profit and for-profit businesses and organizations in Des Moines County are encouraged to come up with an event that will attract people from far distances to Greater Burlington during those slower months…. “It could be anything from a winter time festival, a performance, or anything that would bring a lot of people into our area for overnight stays. Day time travelers are important, but we really want something that’s going to have the appeal that will drive traffic from a greater distance, where they’ll need to stay the night.” Continue Reading


3 FM Residents Arrested for Meth

The Lee County Narcotics Task Force arrested three Fort Madison residents on multiple drug charges. The three arrested were 28-year-old LeeAnn Wiegand, 41-year-old Johnny Ashburn, and 48-year-old Bill Briley. They were all living at 507 14th Street. Investigators estimate over 100 manufactures have taken place at the residence. Wiegand is charged with Conspiracy to Manufacture Meth in Excess of Five Grams within the presence of minors and within 1000 feet of a school, and Maintaining a Drug House. Continue Reading


Tom Courtney Pushing for Iowa Min. Wage Increase

We caught up with State Senator Tom Courtney at last night’s Des Moines County Democratic Caucus and asked him what the future looks like for his minimum wage-bill hike.. “I plan to move it in my caucus. I plan to move it out of the Senate. Now, the speaker of the house says he has voted for it before, he might be interested in it. The governor has voted for it before too. Continue Reading


Republicans and Democrats Caucus in Des Moines County

Last night was just the beginning of the 2014 election year, although it’s an “off-year” in terms of the presidential election. At last night’s Republican caucus at the Burlington High School Library, local central committee members were picked, and last night one of them was Burlington High School Senior, Kayla Mace. Although she votes as a Republican, she stated last night that she doesn’t agree 100% with some of the republican values… “I strongly agree with a lot of the things the Republicans do. There are two major things I disagree with though. Continue Reading