3 FM Residents Arrested for Meth

The Lee County Narcotics Task Force arrested three Fort Madison residents on multiple drug charges. The three arrested were 28-year-old LeeAnn Wiegand, 41-year-old Johnny Ashburn, and 48-year-old Bill Briley. They were all living at 507 14th Street. Investigators estimate over 100 manufactures have taken place at the residence. Wiegand is charged with Conspiracy to Manufacture Meth in Excess of Five Grams within the presence of minors and within 1000 feet of a school, and Maintaining a Drug House. Continue Reading


Tom Courtney Pushing for Iowa Min. Wage Increase

We caught up with State Senator Tom Courtney at last night’s Des Moines County Democratic Caucus and asked him what the future looks like for his minimum wage-bill hike.. “I plan to move it in my caucus. I plan to move it out of the Senate. Now, the speaker of the house says he has voted for it before, he might be interested in it. The governor has voted for it before too. Continue Reading


Republicans and Democrats Caucus in Des Moines County

Last night was just the beginning of the 2014 election year, although it’s an “off-year” in terms of the presidential election. At last night’s Republican caucus at the Burlington High School Library, local central committee members were picked, and last night one of them was Burlington High School Senior, Kayla Mace. Although she votes as a Republican, she stated last night that she doesn’t agree 100% with some of the republican values… “I strongly agree with a lot of the things the Republicans do. There are two major things I disagree with though. Continue Reading


Burlington Man Sentenced to Prison for Cocaine

A 29-year-old Burlington man will spend 2 1/2 years in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release, on a conviction for Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine. Shane Culbertson and three other men were arrested last April, following a federal investigation. The others, 27-year-old Akeem Eison and 35-year-old Zach Shullaw, will be sentenced in five days. 28-year-old Corey Keys will learn his fate March 7th. Continue Reading


Iowa Caucuses Tonight; Schaben Hopes to Advance

Tonight is the night of the 2014 Iowa Caucuses. Unfortunately this year, they haven’t grabbed national attention because it’s an “off-year” for the presidential election. Iowa Candidate for US Senate, Scott Schaben, joined us in studio yesterday and said it’s still important to get out of the house tonight and let your voice be heard… “It could decide who your next lieutenant governor candidate is for the state of Iowa. It could very well be the deciding night for who your United States Senate Candidate is. Continue Reading


Students Now Able to Transfer Seamlessly from SCC to IWC

The Cooperative Enrollment Agreement was officially signed this morning by Southeastern Community College and Iowa Wesleyan College Presidents. SCC’s President, Michael Ash, explains that the purpose of this new document is to benefit the students. It will allow students to transfer from SCC to IWC more seamlessly… “It’s going to make it easier, but it’s also going to allow students to take courses there that will count here, while they are students here and vise-versa. It will also give students the opportunity to get involved with activities at either college.” Continue Reading


Burlington’s NAACP Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.

He had a dream, and for 25 years now, Burlington’s Branch of the NAACP has celebrated that dream at the Memorial Auditorium in Burlington. At tonight’s Martin Luther King Jr. Dinner, several members of the city council spoke, including newly elected mayor Shane McCampbell…. “Some of the history isn’t always good, but there is a good part of the history as well. When you think back to Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad, a lot of the help she had to make that successful for so many years, was through white friends.” Police Chief Doug Beaird also wanted to point out the changes regarding diversity in the Burlington Police Department. Continue Reading


Cold Weather Returns Tonight

Iowa’s roller coaster winter weather is going down the rails again, in a hurry. After an unseasonably warm Sunday, forecasters say we’re headed back into the deep freeze today). Sioux City had a high of 65-degrees for the state’s warmest spot on Sunday, but meteorologist Frank Bokska at the National Weather Service says a cold front is already arriving in Iowa this afternoon… “It will usher in some sharply colder temperatures along with a very brisk northwest wind at 15 to 30 miles an hour,” Boksa says. “Some light snow is expected to develop along and ahead of the boundary. Continue Reading


Iowa Caucuses Begin Tomorrow Night

The 2014 Iowa political calendar effectively begins tomorrow night with precinct caucuses for both parties. These organizing meetings, which kick of a series of party events, culminating with the state conventions in June, tend to mostly attract loyalists in non-presidential election years. But party leaders are urging Iowa residents to participate, insisting that coming out on a chilly January night really does matter. For Burlington, West Burlington, and Middletown Republicans, your caucus location is at the Burlington High School Library. Danville Republicans will meet at Bob Dodds Insurance Agency in Danville. Continue Reading


24-year-old From Minnesota Opens Frozen Yogurt Shop in Burlington

It looks and tastes like ice cream, but it’s better for you. That’s what you’ll find at the new Sassy Strawberry frozen yogurt shop in Burlington. Ashley Kuper started out as a nurse, wasn’t crazy about working nights, and became an entrepreneur when she opened a frozen yogurt shop. She’s now brought her idea from Austin, Minnesota to Burlington, Iowa. The business opened it’s doors the first week in January and according to Kuper, the 24-year-old owner, they’ve been so busy that they ran out of some yogurt flavors last Saturday… Continue Reading