Keokuk Meth Bust

Two Keokuk residents were arrested Monday on felony and misdemeanor drug charges. 29-year-old Christopher Matous and 21-year-old Eryn Eppel, of 3014 7th Street, Apt #2 in Keokuk were arrested at their home. Eppel has been charged with Conspiracy to Manufacture Meth in Excess of Five Grams and Maintaining a Drug House. If convicted, Eppel faces 27 years in prison. Matous was also arrested on those same charges in addition to Possession with Intent to Deliver Meth Less Than Five Grams (second or subsequent offense) and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Continue Reading


25 Accidents in less than 2 Hours this Morning

Many got a not-so-pleasant surprise this morning when they got onto the roadways. The streets were completely iced over and it kept police officers and firefighters very busy. Lieutenant Greg Allen with the Burlington Police Department, says between 6 and 7:30am the accidents were non-stop… “We had 24 property damage accidents and one personal injury accident.” Allen said that nobody was necessarily speeding either… Continue Reading


County Attorney Moves to US Bank

It’s “goodbye” Burlington Police Building, and “Hello” US Bank. That followed a unanimous vote by the Des Moines County Board this morning to sign a lease for a new home for the county attorney’s office. Supervisor Tom Broeker… “This board’s primary concern is the safety of the county attorney staff. The US Bank offices are available almost immediately. Continue Reading

missing boy

Missing Burlington Boy

He’s been missing since Friday night, and has still not been found. 16-year-old Jakob Davis of Burlington escaped from Woodlands Treatment Center at around 8:50 that night from a second floor window. His mother, Mindy Rice, says she’s contacted authorities… “The authorities have been contacted. They have a “pick-up” alert on him. Continue Reading


SCC Approves Plan to Renovate

Southeastern Community College can now move forward with their renovations to the West Burlington and Keokuk campus. The board of trustees approved the master plan concept tonight that President Ash presented. Ash explains the next step of the process… “We’ll be in touch with our architect and let them know that they have been tentatively approved by our board. Then we will begin negotiations on the actual fee structure.” Continue Reading


Fire Destroys Home on Sullivan Slough Rd.

A home at 4801 Sullivan Slough Road, just south of Burlington, was destroyed by fire early this afternoon. Fire Chief Matt Trexel says it appears to have started in an outdoor wood-burner and spread to the inside of the home… “When we arrived at the scene we found it engulfed in fire. It’s been an exterior fire attack since we have been here. There is only one person who lives here and he wasn’t home at the time. Continue Reading


USDA Report Will Not Affect Food Prices

Most assume the prices of corn and soybeans will affect the price of your food. Associate Professor of Economics at Iowa State University, Chad Hart, says that’s not the case… “When you look at the relationship between the grocery store prices and the corn and soybean prices, it’s actually a very small relationship. I like to point out cornflakes. You pay more for the cardboard, than the corn in the box. Continue Reading


Illinois Concealed Carry Already Changing

Illinois residents have just begun applying for licenses to carry concealed weapons. But lawmakers have already begun tinkering with the new law. The Daily Herald reported today that legislators have introduced bills to increase penalties for carrying guns where they’re not allowed; punish instructors who don’t carry out training; and lower the legal age for carrying. Illinois became the last state in the nation to allow concealed carry last July. It allows anyone with 16 hours of training to pay a $150 fee to get a license. Continue Reading


Triple Murder in SE Iowa SOLVED

After a recent review of D-N-A evidence, a man who was put to death in MIssouri for the 1987 murder of an Ottumwa woman has been identified as the person who beat three other people to death in southeast Iowa in 1984. Mike Buchanan covered yesterdays announcement in Ottumwa and filed this report… Special DCI Agent Mike Motsinger identified Andrew Six as the person behind the murders. “The evidence suggests or points to one person and that’s Mr. Six,” Motsinger says. “…We know for sure that he is responsible for Tina Lade and Sara Link’s murders.” Continue Reading

cuffed hands

Meth Production Causes Burlington Fire

The cause of a Burlington house fire at 1105 South 10th Street back in December, can now be blamed on the production of methamphetamine. Detectives were called to investigate the fire after it was deemed suspicious. While conducting their survey, they found several items consistent with the manufacture of meth. They also confirmed that chemicals and components of meth were present at the origin of the fire. The tenant of the room, where the fire started, is 37-year-old Wilson Porter. Continue Reading