West Burlington Schools Kuno Issues Discussed

It’s been a bumpy road so far since the roll-out of the Kuno tablets in the West Burlington School District. Students received their devices at the beginning of the school year, and at Monday night’s school board work session, Technology Coordinator, David Roed, explained the challenges they’ve had… “When we started this whole thing, we thought we had the infrastructure set up pretty well. The state and the AEA agreed with us. Our school had 40 meg of internet access through the ICN, and we found out real quickly that it wasn’t enough. Continue Reading


Man Rescued from Tug Boat at Lock and Dam 18 After Heart Attack

Early this morning Henderson County Sheriff Steven Haynes reported that they received a call form Lock and Dam 18 of a tug boat/barge approaching with a person on board having a heart attack. Deputies arrived, boarded the tug boat, and found a 28-year-old male in respiratory distress. The man was rescued by ambulance personal, Gladstone fire department, and lock and dam personal. Investigator Matt Link explains the obstacles they had to go through to get the man to safety… “We started our medical procedures on the tug boat. Continue Reading


Mt. Pleasant Inmate Sues for Sexual Harassment

(AP) — Iowa must pay $71,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a former inmate who alleged sexual harassment at her prison job. The Iowa Appeal Board approved the settlement Monday involving 43-year-old Melissa Lee Renda. She will receive $25,000 and her attorney will get $46,000. The Des Moines Register says Renda is a former inmate at the Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility and worked as a discharge clerk. She filed a complaint in 2007 with the Iowa Civil Rights Commission that alleged sexual harassment from a corrections officer and retaliation. Continue Reading


WBHS Trap Shooting Club Coming Soon

A new club may be popping up soon at the West Burlington High School. It was recommended by board member Jay Day last month that the school look into getting a trap shooting club, similar to the one in Danville. At last night’s work session, Des Moines County Conservation Officer, Chris Lee, spoke to the board about the benefits a trap shooting club would bring, and also addressed a common concern among parents -is it safe?… “The number one rule is safety. These kids, before they ever touch a firearm, go through very intensive training on what a firearm is and exactly how it operates. Continue Reading


Iowa Car Dealers Upset with Possible Fee Increase

Iowa car and truck dealers are planning to fight a possible fee increase for vehicle registrations. By raising the fee by 1%, the DOT believes it would generate an estimated $60 million more each year for road maintenance and construction. Local car dealers such as owner of Deery Brothers in West Burlington, Brad Deery, is completely against the proposed hike.. “I disagree with that increase. I think it’s a bad move. Continue Reading


City Council Approves Agreement with Steamboat Days

It’s taken nearly half the year, but the Burlington City Council has unanimously approved a new agreement with Steamboat Days for use of the Memorial Auditorium, the Port, and surrounding parking lots. Mayor Jim Davidson.. “We are glad to be moving forward because its been dragging on, in my view, for too long. We’re here, and we’re going to get it done. I think we’ll have a contract this week with Venu-Works and have a special session next Monday to approve it.” Continue Reading


Young Keokuk Residents Arrested on Meth Charges

Lee County’s Narcotics Task Force has arrested two young Keokuk residents on felony and misdemeanor meth charges. 24-year-old Jeff Hale and 20-year-old Brandi Briggs both live at 504 North 8th Street, Apartment 7. Hale is charged with counts of conspiracy to manufacture in the presence of a minor, possession with intent to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, and maintaining a drug house. If he’s found guilty of all charges, he could be sentenced to more than 122 years in prison. Briggs is facing similar, but lesser charges. Continue Reading


Holiday Grief Workshop offered by Hospice

Great River Hospice will be offering a special Holiday Grief Workshop. Holidays can be a hard time to get through after losing a loved one and this workshop will help people cope. The event is scehuled for Friday, December 6th at 5:30pm in the Blackhawk conference room at great River Medical Center. Participants are invited to a potluck dinner at 5pm. The workshp is open to the public. Continue Reading


Worlds Most Dangerous Narcotic Making it’s Way to Iowa

An extremely dangerous homemade narcotic which is being called “the worst drug in the world” is suspected in recent cases in several states and will likely make it to Iowa in the coming weeks. It’s called “krokodil” and the toxic mix often results in amputations and can dissolve jawbones and teeth, much like methamphetamine, according to registered nurse Tammy Noble at the Iowa Poison Control Center… “”It causes the skin to become kind of scaly, almost like what you’d think of with a crocodile, similar to that, and oftentimes a green appearance,” Noble says, “because it’s eating the body from the inside out where this drug comes into contact with the tissues.” One key ingredient is over-the-counter codeine-based headache pills mixed with iodine, gasoline, paint thinner or alcohol. Krokodil may cost three times less than heroin and the high is similar — though much shorter — usually around 90 minutes. Continue Reading


Rate Des Moines County

Des Moines County residents will soon be asked to fill out a survey rating what they believe are the most important components in the county. Conservation Director Chris Lee explains… “Basically, part of our new budgeting system in the county, is that we want to get input from the public. It’s going to be a multi-year process to really get the information that we want. We’re going to start out with just getting a feel for what the public feels is important on a general kind of scale. Continue Reading