Holiday Grief Workshop offered by Hospice

Great River Hospice will be offering a special Holiday Grief Workshop. Holidays can be a hard time to get through after losing a loved one and this workshop will help people cope. The event is scehuled for Friday, December 6th at 5:30pm in the Blackhawk conference room at great River Medical Center. Participants are invited to a potluck dinner at 5pm. The workshp is open to the public. Continue Reading


Worlds Most Dangerous Narcotic Making it’s Way to Iowa

An extremely dangerous homemade narcotic which is being called “the worst drug in the world” is suspected in recent cases in several states and will likely make it to Iowa in the coming weeks. It’s called “krokodil” and the toxic mix often results in amputations and can dissolve jawbones and teeth, much like methamphetamine, according to registered nurse Tammy Noble at the Iowa Poison Control Center… “”It causes the skin to become kind of scaly, almost like what you’d think of with a crocodile, similar to that, and oftentimes a green appearance,” Noble says, “because it’s eating the body from the inside out where this drug comes into contact with the tissues.” One key ingredient is over-the-counter codeine-based headache pills mixed with iodine, gasoline, paint thinner or alcohol. Krokodil may cost three times less than heroin and the high is similar — though much shorter — usually around 90 minutes. Continue Reading


Rate Des Moines County

Des Moines County residents will soon be asked to fill out a survey rating what they believe are the most important components in the county. Conservation Director Chris Lee explains… “Basically, part of our new budgeting system in the county, is that we want to get input from the public. It’s going to be a multi-year process to really get the information that we want. We’re going to start out with just getting a feel for what the public feels is important on a general kind of scale. Continue Reading


Holiday Lighted Parade this Weekend in Burlington

A chance to get into the “holiday spirit” is this Saturday in Downtown Burlington. Starting at 5pm the Annual Burlington Lighted Holiday Parade will feature dozens of floats and entries riding down Jefferson Street.   Steve Frevert with Downtown Partners gives a sneak peek of what you’ll see… “We have a number of return floats, but some new ones as well. The theme for this year is  is ‘Santa’s Helpers’. Continue Reading

towboat copy

Tow Boat Sinks and Leaking Oil into the Mississippi

The tow boat which sank in the Mississippi River in LeClaire, a community near the Quad Citites, continues to leak oil into the river. As of last night, Lt. Colin Fogarty with the US Coast Gaurd reported about 900 gallons have escaped the tow boat, which is just a small portion considering the boat had about 100,000 gallons of petroleum on board. The boat will remain there until Saturday, when the Salvage Company will attemt to remove it. Iowa American Water says your drinking water is still safe to drink. Continue Reading


Lobesack to Visit Big River Resources Today

Congressman Dave Lobesack will be visiting West Burlington today. His first stop of the day is to Big River Resources at 1pm to kickoff his “Fueling Iowa’s Economy” Tour. His tour will highlight the importance of homegrown renewable fuels and biodiesel, as well as wind energy. Recently the EPA announced a proposal to lower renewable fuel volume obligations under the Renewable Fuels Standard for 2014. This could have a devastating consequence in Iowa, according to a press release from Lobesack. Continue Reading


Keokuk Record Store Turned into Same-Sex Wedding Chapel

(Associate Press) An Iowa record store owner is hoping to use his business space for same-sex marriages, a move that could prove competitive with nearby Illinois. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports an altar with a cross are inside the store belonging to Matt Hunt, of Keokuk in southeast Iowa. The record store never took off and is now being liquidated. He says he wishes he would have acted sooner on the chapel. Continue Reading


BCSD Approves Early Retirement-What It Means for Taxpayers

An Early Retirement Plan was approved last night for the Burlington School District. Superintendent Jane Evans says every so often when enrollment is down, they do this to save a little money. So what does this mean for taxpayers? “There will be an effect on our tax levy.  If everyone who is eligible to do this, up to the amount that we put a limit on of $400,000, that would bring about a 23-cent increase in the tax levy.” Continue Reading


Venu-Works Deal Getting Closer

Most of yesterday’s Burlington City Council Work Session was spent talking about the cost of health insurance, but there was also some positive news on the Venu-Works front. The Ames-based management company is reportedly very close to a deal with the city to manage the memorial Auditorium and it’s parking area. In answer to a question by Councilman Shane McCambell, Spokesman Joe Briglia says some things will change when it comes to weddings… “People will have a choice because they’ll have the Port facility, where they will have a limited expense to host their event. We’re not trying to do less weddings at the Auditorium, we’re just trying to raise the bar.” Continue Reading

new london

New London Creates “Tiger-TV”

They’re now eight weeks into their very own local news program, Tiger-TV. It’s something unique at New London this year, and we’re not aware of any other small school TV programs near our area. Technical Adviser John Munford, says it’s so new in fact, that half the time the kids are teaching him… “I know a little bit about this stuff, but there are pieces that I’m really bad at. My challenge for the kids is to be better at this by the end of the semester than I am. Continue Reading