Keokuk Company Offers 120 New Jobs

There will be 120 new job openings at an Eastern Iowa Company. Thomas L. Cardella and Associates have entered into an agreement with a current client to add new jobs to the company. This is the second time this year Thomas L. Cardella has made a job announcement. Earlier this summer they offered 325 new positions. These new jobs include the expansion of a current telecommunications client, and will include expansions in TLCA’s Coralville and Keokuk Iowa Call Centers. Continue Reading


Sports Bar Takes on Project City Council Can’t Afford

A boat ramp in Montrose that is in desperate need of repair will hopefully get a makeover after this weekend’s fundraiser at Kinnick on the River, a sports bar in Montrose. The Montrose City Council decided not to put any funds towards the project due to higher priorities, so the bar got involved and asked permission to hold a “ramp fundraiser” this Saturday. Manager of Kinnick on the River, Don Callahan, says they feel it’s their duty to help… “We’re helping because the river brings a lot of business to us. We also want to pay the city as a goodwill gesture.” Continue Reading


Burlington Girls Head to School with NO Makeup

The hot topic lately in town has been bullying. We’ve seen videos and we’ve all heard the stories and now a group of parents and students have come together to try and make a difference. They haven’t come up with a name for their group, but they met for the second time last night. As people proposed ideas to solving the bullying issue, it was an emotional topic for some of the girls… “I got made fun of. Continue Reading


Text Message Causes Lock Down in Fort Madison

The Fort Madison High School has been on lock down this afternoon. According to Fort Madison Police Chief Bruce Niggemeyer, high school officials were notified of a strange text message sent to a student from another student. ¬†As a precaution, the high school was placed on lock down. The student who had sent the text message was located, but was not at school. Students are being questioned about the meaning behind the odd message. Continue Reading


BHS Teachers Caught Talking About Students

Two Burlington teachers are on administrative leave after a conversation between them was discovered on a computer at the school, and made public through Facebook. In the conversation the teachers allegedly talked back and forth, calling students names and complaining about a rambunctious class. One of the teachers used the phrase “gonna smack some kids”. Superintendent Jane Evans wouldn’t comment much on the situation. She called it a personnel issue and says it’s under investigation. Continue Reading


Iowa Receives Solar Power Grant

The state has won a federal Department of Energy grant of just over one-million-dollars as part of what’s called the “Rooftop Solar Challenge Two.” Iowa Department of Economic Development Authority spokesperson, Tina Hoffman, says the goal is to increase the use of solar energy… “We’re going to be able to help make it easier for Iowans to learn about solar and help reduce the soft costs, making it more affordable.” The first step is developing ways to promote the use of sun power. “We are going to help first educate and increase the awareness around solar energy and how it really can be a viable alternative,” Hoffman explains. Continue Reading


Mediapolis 12-Year-Old Dies From Gunshot Wound

An update from the Des Moines County Sheriffs Office regarding the 12-year-old who suffered a gunshot wound Tuesday. Authorities have confirmed that the child did die from his injury. Investigators are saying it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound and no foul play was involved. The victim is Kyler Schnedler of Mediapolis. Schnedler was transported to GRMC and then flown to Iowa City where he died yesterday. Continue Reading


Another Burlington Fight Caught on Camera

It’s now the second time this week a fight has been recorded and police have been called. Burlington officers were notified yesterday of a video being passed around in Burlington High School of a fight that had taken place on Marshall Street in Burlington. It was the same fight that officers were called to on Monday, but when they got to the scene, those involved dispersed. Officials have described it as a “street fight”; four people vs. another group of four. Continue Reading


Illinois House Approves Same-Sex Marriage

It’s official, Illinois has now become the largest state in the Heartland to legalize gay marriage. It’s a hot topic in most states but one by one bills are getting approved. Illinois is now the 15th state in the United States to allow marriage between the same sex. All that’s needed now is a signature from Governor Pat Quinn, who says he supports it. Continue Reading


4 Burlington Students Charged Due to Bullying Video

The Burlington students involved in the bullying video that’s gone viral on Facebook are facing the consequences. Burlington Police charged the three 13-year-old students who were pushing and hitting another student with Serious Assault and Disorderly Conduct. The individual, who is 12-years-old and video taped the entire incident, has also been charged with Disorderly Conduct for her involvement. All four individuals have been taken into custody and transported to the Lee County Juvenile Detention Facility to await a future court appearance. The incident took place in Perkins Park in Burlington, next to the school’s administration building. Continue Reading