Another Burlington Fight Caught on Camera

It’s now the second time this week a fight has been recorded and police have been called. Burlington officers were notified yesterday of a video being passed around in Burlington High School of a fight that had taken place on Marshall Street in Burlington. It was the same fight that officers were called to on Monday, but when they got to the scene, those involved dispersed. Officials have described it as a “street fight”; four people vs. another group of four. Continue Reading


Illinois House Approves Same-Sex Marriage

It’s official, Illinois has now become the largest state in the Heartland to legalize gay marriage. It’s a hot topic in most states but one by one bills are getting approved. Illinois is now the 15th state in the United States to allow marriage between the same sex. All that’s needed now is a signature from Governor Pat Quinn, who says he supports it. Continue Reading


4 Burlington Students Charged Due to Bullying Video

The Burlington students involved in the bullying video that’s gone viral on Facebook are facing the consequences. Burlington Police charged the three 13-year-old students who were pushing and hitting another student with Serious Assault and Disorderly Conduct. The individual, who is 12-years-old and video taped the entire incident, has also been charged with Disorderly Conduct for her involvement. All four individuals have been taken into custody and transported to the Lee County Juvenile Detention Facility to await a future court appearance. The incident took place in Perkins Park in Burlington, next to the school’s administration building. Continue Reading


Burlington Man Holds Family at B-B Gun Point

A Burlington man will face false imprisonment charges after he allegedly held the occupants of a south-side home at the point of a B-B gun last night. Police got a call around 7:20pm from a pizza delivery driver who interrupted the crime and reported it. When authorities arrived, they arrested 44-year-old Larry Durbin, who the victims say was wearing a mask and had forced his way in at gunpoint, using a child’s toy that looked like a fully-functioning firearm. No one was hurt and Durbin was also charged with second-degree burglary.   Continue Reading


Burlington Bullies Caught in Facebook Video

There’s a video out there, it’s on Facebook, and it shows several middle school aged boys teasing, pushing, and hitting another boy at Perkins Park, and stealing his hat. It’s relatively tame, but it’s gone viral. With all the focus lately on bullying, it’s drawn the attention of the school district and law enforcement… “I think it’s criminal, and we’ll pursue it as such until we’re told differently. Just want everyone to ¬†know that the department is aware of it and we will address it”

-Burlington Police Chief Doug Beaird at last night’s City Council Meeting. Continue Reading


Local Trick or Treating Hours for Thursday

BURLINGTON & WB (Including the Mall): 5:30-7:30


CARMAN 5:30-7

CAPITOL THEATER: Surprise Halloween Movie -7pm

DANVILLE: 5:30-7






MEDIAPOLIS: 5:30-7:30

MIDDLETOWN: 5:30-7:30



NEW LONDON: 5-7:30


WAYLAND: 5:30-7:30




  Continue Reading


Man Arrested in Connection with Hit and Run

A 57-year-old West Point man has been arrested in connection with one of the three hit and runs in Lee County over the past few days. Randolph Andrews was charged yesterday with leaving the scene of an injury accident, a serious misdemeanor, for allegedly striking 21-year-old William Londrie of Montrose last Sunday on County Road 103, northwest of Ft. Madison. Sheriff Jim Sholl says Londrie was walking near the road when he was hit by Andrew’s red Grand Am, which left some parts and debris in it’s wake as Andrews drove home without stopping. Sholl put out a request to the public for help identifying the vehicle, and it was that response which led deputies to Andrews. Continue Reading


Governor Speaks at New Iowa State Penitentiary in FM

Today was an opportunity for people to get a look at the new Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison. The prison is located off 330th Avenue, which is somewhat outside of town, unlike the current penitentiary that sits next to a put-putt golf attraction. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds spoke at the Open House ceremony this morning. Branstad mentioned the eco-friendliness of the new prison… “The new facility has achieved the leadership in energy and environmental designs “gold status”. Continue Reading


Humane Society Earns $1,000

With the help of social media, the Des Moines County Humane Society won $1,000 for the online “Shelter Challenge”. Co-President of the Shelter Board, Kelli Taeger explains… “We won the shelter challenge. It’s a contest that’s put out quarterly by the animal rescue site. We’ve consistently won. Continue Reading


Pets May Be In Danger- Coyotes Spotted in Town

They look like small dogs with big bushy tails, and they’ve been spotted in town a lot recently. Burlington resident Dana Hunter lives on Starr Street and said her dogs chased a pair out of her yard Monday night…. “My dogs chased something out of my landscaping and I was like, wow, that’s a really big raccoon. When they were running back, they flushed something else out. It ran into the alley where there’s a security light. Continue Reading