“More Women are Needed in Government” -Tom Courtney

These days it’s pretty common to see women in government and taking on political roles, however when talking with Iowa Senator Tom Courtney this morning, he feels there should be more… “I recruit for my caucus. When I recruit, I always recruit women. Women don’t think they have a place in government but they do, and it’s an important place. In Iowa we’re not very good. Continue Reading


Ft. Madison Mayoral Candidate Feels Forum is Unfair

She’s still running for Mayor of Fort Madison, but she won’t be attending the candidate forum tomorrow night. Businesswoman Donna Amandus, who owns Yuppy Puppy Pet Parlor in Fort Madison, feels that the forum being hosted by the Fort Madison Area Chamber of Commerce is unfair because the candidates aren’t given the questions ahead of time… “I’ve been in forums before. I ran for State Senate last year. They always supply the questions so you can research and have informed answers. Continue Reading


Burlington Man Hit By His Truck

A Burlington man had to be airlifted to Iowa City today after he was run over by his own truck. 45-year-old Bradley Shipley was driving westbound on Highway 16, about 1/2 mile west of the Highway 61 Junction, when a piece of construction equipment he was towing came loose while driving up the incline on the highway. Shipley got out of the truck, attempting to stop the piece of equipment, failed to put his vehicle in park, and was run over by the truck. Shipley received multiple injuries. Continue Reading


Burlington Man Arrested on Meth Charges

The Southeast Iowa Narcotics Task Force arrested a Burlington man on several drug charges earlier today. Brandon Plowman of 1104 Jefferson Street was outside of his house when authorities took him into custody for having 3 active Class D Felony warrants. Two were for counts of Possession of Precursors-Lithium and the other for Possession of Precursors. He was also caught with one pot bottle in his hand. Authorities then searched his home and found additional evidence of meth manufacturing which resulted in several other charges. Continue Reading


4-Lane From Burl. to Monmouth, “GET IT DONE”

The overall message at last night’s Highway 34 Coalition meeting was pretty clear, and is similar to a line comedian Larry the Cable Guy often uses…. “Get it Done”. If you’ve driven through the village of Biggsville lately you may have seen the work that’s begun on the new bypass. A time frame for the completion of the entire project was proposed by Tri-State Development Summit Steering Committee leader Dan Wiedmeier… “This has to be done. Continue Reading


Library Budget to be Cut Soon

The Burlington City Council is almost certain to cut the public library budget again. Library Director Rhonda Frevert says the library board is waiting for the final decision from the council before they start deciding what areas will be affected. Luckily the library has a non-profit organization called Friends of the Burlington Public Library Foundation, that helps with certain funds… “I can go to and ask for funds for capital projects and equipment. They have an endowment fund.” Continue Reading


Burlington Probationer Arrested for Meth Production Items

During a probation check ┬áconducted by the Iowa Department of Corrections High Risk Unit, a Burlington man was taken into custody. During the check, at the home of 32-year-old Loran Cheely on South 10th Street, HRU officers found several items consistent with methamphetamine production. The Southeast Iowa Narcotics Task Force obtained a warrant and executed a search at about 2pm. They found packaging materials, pseudoephdrine tablets, lithium batteries, filter materials, generators, and “one pot” methamphetamine cooking devices. Cheely was taken into custody and is being held without bond on a probation violation. Continue Reading


Muscatine Traffic Cameras Bringing in Good Money

Many who travel through the city of Muscatine are probably aware of the traffic cameras at the intersections, especially if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket in the mail. As for the five automated traffic cameras, the Muscatine City Council is considering whether to continue to use them. A decision will be made tomorrow. The use of such cameras has been a hot topic throughout Iowa, with supporters saying the cameras reduce crashes, and opponents arguing they’re largely a money-maker for local governments. The Iowa Department of Transportation has proposed rules limiting use of the cameras on state highways. Continue Reading

road construction

Number of Burlington Road Work Projects

Several more street-work projects are being undertaken in Burlington this week. Southbound main Street, between High and Valley is being reduced to one lane today so the street department can do asphalt repairs. Southbound Harrison, between 12th and 13th, is closed today for asphalt repairs. Beginning tomorrow, there will be restricted parking on the east side of the 300 block of North 4th Street so a private contractor can work safely on the adjacent property. Also, a reminder that a contractor is working on handicapped-accessible pedestrian ramps along Mt. Continue Reading


Fundraiser at Wendys for SE Iowa Deployed Troops

A local group that sends care packages to deployed southeast Iowa troops is having a fundraiser tomorrow evening at Wendys in Burlington. S.O.F.T, which stands for Supporting Our Families and Troops, will receive a portion of the food sales that will go towards care package expenses. Linda Long is the leader of the group and says the items inside the packages vary… “The main thing that we still ask for is beef jerky, that’s at the top of the list, and nuts are always good. It really depends where they are while deployed. Continue Reading