WB Counselor Charged with Sexual Exploitation

A state license has been suspended for a marital and family counselor in West Burlington, who’s been charged with sexual exploitation. The Des Moines Register says documents released by the Iowa Board of Behavioral Science say Scott Bair told a client that her therapy included hugs and kisses from him. The board says Bair and the woman had sexual contact several times last August and September. A friend of the woman grew suspicious and shared his concerns with the counseling center Bair worked for. Bair was arrested December 27th and has since posted bond. Continue Reading


Car Crashes into School Bus Near Monmouth

At about 7 O’clock this morning on Highway-67 (2 miles north of Monmouth), a northbound car slid out of control on the snow-covered road. The car, driven by Caitlin Volz, then collided with a United school bus. The car slid off the highway while the bus remained upright on the road. Some students were complaining of headaches and back pains and were transported to the OSF Hospital in Monmouth. Volz had to be extricated by the Monmouth Fire Department and was taken by ambulance to OSF as well. Continue Reading


Fertilizer Plant Writes FM YMCA $15,000 Check

Thanks to the new Iowa Fertilizer Plant in Wever, the Fort Madison YMCA has already reached more than half of its $23,000 goal through a match donation program. The money raised will be allocated to improvements and updates to the facility, including new flooring. Exectuiver Director of the YMCA, Ryan Wilson explains the match program… “Its a grant that we applied for through Fort Madison back in the fall of 2013. They came back to us saying that if we were to raise monetary donations up to $23,000, they would match that dollar for dollar.” Continue Reading


IA House GOP Tries Adding Gun-Rights to Constitution

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa House Republicans are continuing their effort to amend the state constitution to add the right to bear arms.

Lawmakers debated the proposal in a House subcommittee Thursday. They did not vote to move the measure forward, instead pledging to have more discussions. The proposal from House Republicans would add language to the Iowa Constitution stating that the right to “acquire, keep, possess, transport, carry, transfer, and use arms to defend life and liberty” cannot be denied. Changing the state constitution is a multi-step process, which would require approval by the current General Assembly and then by the one elected in 2014. After that it would go to Iowa voters. Continue Reading


Arrest Made in Catfish Bend Casino Incident

The man who allegedly stole a car and tried to run down a DCI Agent in the Catfish Bend Casino Parking Garage last night, has been identified as 40-year-old David Cross. Police received a call this morning from a Burlington resident who informed them that Cross was asleep in the back of a vehicle located in the 100 block of Shields Street in Burlington. The caller also advised police that Cross was involved in the incident at the casino the night before.Police responded to the location and arrested him. Cross has been charged with Interference with Official Acts, Assault on Peace Officer, and Operating a Vehicle without Owner’s Consent. He is currently being held at the Des Moines County Jail awaiting a court appearance. Continue Reading


GrandView Drive-In May Close; Asking for Help

One of only four drive-in movie theaters left in Iowa may have to throw in the towel, unless they can come up with $75,000 by April 1st. Owner of the GrandView Drive-In, Kelly Daniels, says according to movie companies like Disney and Paramount, they are required to purchase a digital projector… “The reason they’re doing it, is that they say it costs them $2,000-$2,500 to make just one 35-millimeter print. The shipping on them is also very pricey. So they have decided to do this because these CD’s are easy to make and shipping is a lot cheaper.” Continue Reading


City Says “NO” to Part Time SRO for WB Schools

It looks like the idea of a school resource officer patrolling the halls in West Burlington is dead, or at least on life-support. The City Council didn’t take any action on the matter last night, and in so doing, killed it for now. Mayor Hans Trousil says it’s simply not financially feasible… “I said from the beginning that, in order for it to work, it’ll have to be a full time position. We don’t have the personnel to split up into another 5-2 shift. Continue Reading


UPDATED: City Council Has a Budget Agreement

The Burlington City Council has a budget and it includes a property tax increase. It was put forward by Councilman Tim Scott, who says he wants to spread the pain over more departments and also increase some fees. Administrative Services Director, Stephanie Stuecker, says the increase will be 28-cents per thousand dollars of assessed value. The council voted 3-2 to set aside $100,000 dollars less than planned toward the city’s debt, a move City Manager Jim Ferneau doesn’t care for. Councilman Tim Scott, who came up with the idea, says it’s just for a year. Continue Reading

WIU Graduate is New Burlington Bees Announcer

It may still be freezing cold outside, but maybe a reminder that baseball season is just around the corner will warm you up. The Burlington Bees have announced their new radio broadcaster for the 2014 season. Michael Broskowski, who graduated from Western Illinois University last May, feels his experience will serve the Bees well. “I spent the last two seasons in the Northwoods League up in Minnesota for the Rochester Honkers. I’ve also done women’s basketball at Western Illinois University. Continue Reading


US Senate Candidate Sam Clovis in Burl. Tomorrow

He’s running for U.S. Senate and making his way to Burlington tomorrow. Sam Clovis says the Republican Party needs a clear choice in terms of who to vote for… “There’s probably no one who will be more consistently conservative than me. I think when we run against Bruce Braley, that will also be a very clear choice. He’s not very conservative at all. Continue Reading